Two-Handed Swords

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Two-Hand Scottish Claymore

This Kingston Arms Scottish Claymore is a refined version of this popular and distinguishable sword. Many reproductions of the Scottish Claymore tend to be bulky, clunky, and out of balance compared to originals. The slim grip of the Claymore is covered in black leather. The pommel of this Claymore is designed to be consistent with historical pieces.

Hanwei/ Tinker Sharp Longsword

Designed by Michael "Tinker" Pearce, the sharpened Hanwei/Tinker Longsword gives martial artists a fast, well-balanced sword that will perform beautifully in skilled hands.

Lowlander Sword with Antiqued Finish

The Lowlander sword is a large two-handed blade that has Gaelic origins. This Paul Chen sword faithfully replicates a surviving museum piece. Made of 1566 high carbon steel. Some assembly required.

Claymore by Paul Chen / Hanwei

Satisfy your desire for long-bladed swords with this full-sized claymore. Made by Paul Chen based on surviving museum models.

The Sword Excalibur

This sword has a high carbon steel sword blade and antique finished metal fittings. The two-handed grip and the wooden scabbard, are covered in soft blue leather. Overall 43 inches. Comes factory sharp.

Battlecry Bosworth Longsword

This longsword has a sharpened blade crafted of 1065 high carbon steel. Features darkened finish and extra wide tang. Overall length of 47-3/8 inches.


Man-at-Arms Italian Long Sword

This Italian longsword features a blade made of 1055 high carbon steel. Exhibits black wooden leather-wrapped handle and includes leather scabbard with blackened fittings. Overall length of 47 inches.

Man-at-Arms Grosse Messer Sword

This large German sword exhibits a blued steel 1055 high carbon blade with a classy gun metal finish. Includes scabbard with blued steel fittings. Overall length of 42-1/4 inches.

Unleash your inner warrior with two-handed swords - shop our collection now!

Two-handed swords were known as war-swords in the early Middle Ages and used to destroy an opponent’s shield, shear through mail, and damage helms. They were called great swords during the High Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The blades tended to be slightly longer than regular swords, and capable of damaging full plate armor to the point where the opponent’s movements were substantially impaired. Technically though, the two-handed sword belongs to the Renaissance. These swords were so big – around six feet long – that, unlike previous versions, it was only possible to wield them effectively with two hands. They were surprisingly light at 4–6 lbs and used to counter weapons like pikes and halberds. 

Museum Replicas’ collection of two-handed swords encompasses a wide variety of period blades. Longswordswar-swords, choppers and claymores, but it’s not all history. Those inclined towards fantasy will find something as well. Most swords in our selection are crafted of high carbon steel, which makes them extremely hard and able to retain an edge. Our swords adhere to stringent specifications and are a worthy homage to the weapons of the medieval and the Renaissance periods. Browse, pick one, and own the battlefield. 

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Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Hanwei/ Tinker Sharp Longsword

I love this sword. Light and quick, it is fun for flow drills.
Reviewed by: Timothy D, February 12, 2023

Review of: Hanwei/ Tinker Sharp Longsword

the blade can  greatly benefit from a resharpening job. Balance is nice. Construction of the hilt is decent.
Reviewed by: Daniel, December 28, 2022

Review of: Claymore by Paul Chen / Hanwei

I got the ''antiqued version'' of this sword.  So basicly the same sword with different colors.
It look really nice. It's big, it's tough, and it's well made enough for me to do some stupid things with it that would damage and detract from other swords. If you're looking for a sword that's on the graceful side you can do more advanced HEMA techniques with, I wouldn't advise this one. But if you just want something that makes you feel like a total badass and can smash into things as well as you can cut them, or a fun project sword to customize? I can definitely recommend a Hanwei Claymore!   Impressive as well
Reviewed by: Philippe, July 20, 2022

Review of: Hanwei/ Tinker Sharp Longsword

This is a fantastic sword!  It is plainly adorned, but very strong.  The edge is sharp and made to be used.  The balance is excellent and it is very nimble for such a large blade.  Great thrusting profile and wicked cutter.  It also looks great hung on the wall.
Reviewed by: Lee, April 22, 2022

Review of: Claymore by Paul Chen / Hanwei

Great looking sword and appears to be an excellent reproduction.
Reviewed by: James, June 27, 2021

Review of: Claymore by Paul Chen / Hanwei

My hopes weren't TOO high at this price point, but I was very impressed. The sword is very well put together with good attention to detail. This is a heavy claymore that's quite front heavy, so go easy. This is a brutal weapon, not one of finesse, in spite of it's quite attractive looks.
Reviewed by: Richard, April 17, 2021

Review of: Claymore by Paul Chen / Hanwei

An excellent weapon. At first I was daunted that there were no reviews but upon further research I found nothing but positive reviews.   The blade is surprisingly thick and from what I have seen can take quite the beating. It is just flexible enough not to break, but if you don’t prefer your swords being flexible, it is also very sturdy. I haven’t seen any time where it bent other than when I was actively trying, which took a lot of effort! It has a beautiful design, if a bit simple, but I think that adds to the authenticity and overall longevity. If you were also looking at the antiqued varient, I would warn that it is only a finish, so if you sharpen or maintenance the blade it will rub off. I think this blade is an impressive height, and just about the longest you can go without looking gaudy. I was glad that I bought this sword and not a longer one, because I think it approaches the upper range regarding the ability to actually use it properly. It’s weight is not to be underestimated, and it’s balance is perfect for its use. My only warning is... learn how to properly swing it! If you think you know how, think again! I hurt my shoulder with a bad swing, but that user error could have easily been avoided by reading a couple of paragraphs!
Reviewed by: Caden, November 07, 2020

Review of: Hanwei/ Tinker Sharp Longsword

Great sword for the price.  Just getting into sword collecting, and this is one of the first real swords I have bought.  Been picking it up everyday since I bought it  Even done some real hitting practice with it, and the blade is holding up nicely.  One negative, which I knew before buying was the sharpness.  It states sharp Longsword, but it could be a little bit more sharper.  Overall -  love it.
Reviewed by: Robert, August 16, 2020

Review of: The Sword Excalibur

Had this sword on pre-order for 10 months.  Worth the wait !  Remind me a sword from Tolkien universe.  Sword is lither than expected.
Reviewed by: Philippe, September 05, 2018

Review of: The Sword Excalibur

This sword is the very reason sword collecting is so exciting. Everything about this sword cries out to the serious collector.  no one could know what the Excalibur sword would have looked like, but having this in your hand makes you feel you have a piece of history. I had it sharpened and it was well worth the money. even the scabbard was awesome. Get the Money, get this sword. You will love it!
Reviewed by: James, July 23, 2018