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Short Swords & Cutlasses

Short swords have seen usage throughout history, from the Legionnaires to Renaissance squires and pirates. In ancient armies, short swords and large shields were a standard armament of the soldiers who fought against the long sarissa pikes of phalanxes. Limitations of copper, bronze, and iron regulated blade length at first. Later, the swords developed across many cultures leading to different types and shapes. After steel had become a common metal used to make bladed weapons, short swords stayed in use as with the Roman gladius which was an effective stabbing weapon.  

Museum Replicas offers a range of short swords. The classics are all covered. For instance, we have the most famous of all short swords – the Roman Gladius. In fact, there are different types of gladius in the selection. Also, there are two other iconic swords of the pre-Roman period – the Greek Hoplite Sword and the Iberian Falcata. Don’t forget to check out the cutlasses which covering the Renaissance and the American Civil War. These include pirate, English, Scottish, and Civil War naval cutlasses. High carbon steel has been used for most of the blades in the selection, making our short swords robust and able to maintain a good edge.

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Pirate's Companion Sword

This pirate sword features a blade made from 1065 high carbon steel. Beautiful brass basket and hardwood grip. Overall length of 32 inches.

Pirate's Companion Sword - Left Handed

This pirate sword exhibits a 1065 high carbon steel blade. Features brass basket and hardwood grip. Overall length of 32 inches.

Scottish Basket-Hilt Cutlass

This cutlass has a double edge for the first 9" of the blade and has a basket-hilt for protection. Includes scabbard. Overall 31-1/2 inches.

The English Cutlass

This replica has a hand forged, high carbon steel blade and a solid brass guard. Leather scabbard with brass throat and tip. Overall 30-1/2 inches.

US 1860 Naval Cutlass

This Naval cutlass exhibits a hand-forged 1065 high carbon steel blade. Features leather frog and includes scabbard. Overall length of 31-1/2 inches.

Classic Hoplite Sword

This Greek Hoplite sword has a leaf shaped, high carbon steel blade. Steel guard and pommel with leather covered wood grip. Includes leather covered wood scabbard. Overall 28-1/2".

Gladius - Maintz Pattern

This gladius in the maintz pattern has a faux ivory grip with ornate brass applique on the scabbard. Overall 28 inches.

Gladius - The Pompeii

This is the shortest version of the Roman swords and the most popular one. It has parallel cutting edges and a triangular tip. Turned ash and maple handle. 2" wide. 28 inches overall.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Scottish Basket-Hilt Cutlass

I just received this today.  Purchased during MR's recent sale and very fast delivery.  I did have the blade sharpened (what's the point of having a weapon if not real).  There's a lot of metal here.  It's beefy and solid thru and thru.  Great feel and grip.
Beautifully made.  I highly recommend this.  You'll love it.  Great addition to my collection.
Reviewed by: Michael, May 26, 2018

Review of: The English Cutlass

I purchased this as a Deal of the Day.  As I've already purchased several items from Museum Replicas, I knew I couldn't go wrong with this cutlass.
It arrived quickly and very well packed and protected.  MR is great at shipping their swords securely.
The finish of spectacular.  It looks great and has a wonderful feel.  Nicely balanced, light and easy to control.   As others have suggested, wearing a glove might be a good idea as the handle is smooth and could shift in one's hand.  A glove would offer a more stable grip.  I ordered this sharpened and the edge is very sharp; nicely done.  I keep this one by my bedside.  Woe to the intruder who enters my chambers.
Reviewed by: Michael, March 19, 2018

Review of: Scottish Basket-Hilt Cutlass

Received mine a few days ago with MRL's ALWAYS fast and excellent shipping. Being Scottish and German myself makes this cutlass that much more awesome. I was lucky enough to catch this as a deal of the day, however I was literally days away from ordering it at regular price. I also ordered it with the sharpening service, which is honestly my only complaint, the front of the blade is very nicely sharpened, however the 9" back swedge was left dull, which to my understanding was to be sharpened. But no big deal, I have a nice sword sharpener that worked perfectly. On to the sword. Perfection.
Not a single scratch, the edge is perfect, not a stitch out of place, the blade is perfect, the grip is tight and flawless, the fittings are tight and nicely polished, the basket hilt is solid as a rock and also finished nicely, the pommel is perfect and provides more balance. I really am blown away by this one, and I own roughly 25 mid to high end blades. If you have EVER considered buying this cutlass don't waste any more time and grab one, or two! Side note this cutlass is not available from K
Reviewed by: Casey, March 05, 2018

Review of: Falcata

Bought this sword with sharpening few month ago,overall  a great beautiful stuff,im really happy fot this purchase,the edge is not bad,pass the paper test.
One thing I must say,the customer service should be the best compare to many other campanies I ever meet,lightning speed on shipping and replying~i really happy with that
Reviewed by: Hoiwan, February 04, 2018

Review of: Golden Coast Cutlass

This is a cutlass that ErroI Flynn or Basil Rathbone would be proud of!  I purchased the Golden Coast cutlass as part of the Black Friday madness, and I don't regret a doubloon of the purchase price, Matey.  There does not appear to be any of the faux-gold wash on either the half-basket hilt or blade, which IMHO is all to the good:  Why gild the lily?  The blade is very plain, with no fuller and (truth to tell) a "soft" ridge line.  The basket and grip are large enough to accommodate a gauntleted hand, which is one of my litmus tests for a truly functional weapon.  Overall, an admirable rendering of this swashbuckling sword type!
Reviewed by: Stanley, December 08, 2017

Review of: Scottish Basket-Hilt Cutlass

As I am always looking for the perfect hand-to-hand combat weapon, I was initially disinclined to consider a THREE POUND short sword.  But after reading the reviews (and needing the perfect complement to my pirate outfit), I took the plunge and ordered this magnificent weapon.  Now I am convinced that this may be the perfect weapon.  When I took it out of the box, the fit and finish were as everyone has described it - perfect.  But here is what impressed me.  I stood the box up that it came in.  I figured, "Why not?" and took a swipe. This is an empty, LIGHT cardboard box - not one of those thick paper tubes mounted on a pole they test katanas with, which would have been no problem for this cutlass.  It sliced that box right in two.  Amazing.  Then I took a smaller, lighter box.  Same results.  This thing is incredibly well-balanced. So well balanced, in fact, that it doesn't feel like a three pound sword.  It feels lighter and more maneuverable. And it also feels like it has a shield ATTACHED to it, the hand guard and basket offer such phenomenal coverage.  All that said, if you have a buckler in one hand and this monster in the other, who - short of anyone holding a PIKE - would be inclined to challenge you?
Reviewed by: Peter, September 02, 2017

Review of: Pirate's Companion Sword

A well made weapon and a compliment to any pirate costume.
Reviewed by: Randall, August 10, 2017

Review of: Elven Short Sword

As described able to withstand light stage combat but quite a heavy sword for being so relatively small.
Reviewed by: Jon, June 24, 2017

Review of: Pirate's Companion Sword

I own several cutlasses and I must say this is one of my favorites.  It has a nice comfortable grip. Construction is very sturdy...everything is tight.  I opted for the sharpening service and as always it is second to none...excellent service.
Reviewed by: John, June 17, 2017

Review of: Pirate Captain's Hanger

Well balanced. Great for cutting whatever. Elegant. Would recommend.
Reviewed by: mark, May 22, 2017