Kukris & Machetes

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Officer's Kukri

This powerful chopping knife is issued to Gurkha Officers in India. The contoured handle is genuine buffalo horn. Features brass pommel and bolster and comes with 2 accessory knives. Comes factory sharp.

Gigantic Ceremonial Kukri

This kukri is hand forged from high carbon steel. Features a specially carved native hardwood handle. Includes a regulation sheath. The polished steel blade is a staggering 3/8" thick and more than 2-1/2 feet long.

OSS Smatchet

The odd-looking, but very effective Smatchet was the brainchild of William Fairbairn during WWII for the OSS and British SAS for use on clandestine missions behind enemy lines. Our replica has a sharp, full tang high carbon steel blade with a matte blued finish. Features hardwood grips and an aluminum pommel with a lanyard hole. Includes belt scabbard

Assam Rifles Kukri

This kukri’s sharp, 13-1/2" double fullered blade is hand-forged from 1065 high-carbon steel, according to Gurkha's Assam Rifles Regiment’s military specifications. Features the the trident of Shiva. Polished, native hardwood handle reinforced by brass bolster, brass pommel. Regulation sheath included. Overall length 18 inches.

Windlass Cobra Steel Falcata

This knife’s blade is hand-forged from 420 high grade stainless steel, hardened to a Rockwell of 48° and fully tempered. Features razor-sharp edge. All-purpose outdoor, falcata design. Shock-absorbing, weather-resistant rubber handle with positive, extra-long grip. Includes riveted belt sheath. Overall length 20-3/4 inches.

Whether it is for battle or just handling tough tasks in the great outdoors, you need a good chopper and these are some of the best.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Gigantic Ceremonial Kukri

It is easy to understand why this is able to behead a water buffalo in one stroke one you hold it. Weighing in at nearly 5 pounds, a cutting edge of 20.5 inches, you will definitely need to use two hands. If you have small hands you may want to look elsewhere, or plan on working on the grip since it is 1.8 inches at its widest. Comes with a good edge right from the factory, so thr only problem I foresee is finding something that will take more than one hit to cut through
Reviewed by: John, November 12, 2021

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

The Assam Rifles Kukri impressed me right out of the box.  Solid feel, well balanced, and quite sharp.. The brass furnishings and hardwood grip are nicely made and compliment each other well.  This is a very well constructed kukri and happy I added it to my collection.
Reviewed by: John, July 01, 2021

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

Very well made. The scabbard is excellent. The tiny acc. knives might be useful as letter openers. I find it hard to believe that military specs. would call for a dull edge,but can be easily sharpened with a file and stoned sharp. still a good buy.
Reviewed by: kenneth, October 22, 2020

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

This is a solidly-built, functional piece.  It feels good in the hand and does a number on cardboard, branches, and light shrubs in my side-yard.  The two little tools for sharpening are of very questionable utility, but the kukri itself is a great, functional piece.
Reviewed by: Michael, July 26, 2020

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

This looks to be well made and in a classic style.  High carbon steel blade. Fantastic!
Reviewed by: Kenneth, December 29, 2018

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

As my first kukri this sets the standards high for any other kukri I purchase. The sharpening service was no joke this thing took the hair clean off of my arm and the scabbard is well crafted. It did take some getting used to while wearing it but that soon became normal and is a great tool and weapon.
Reviewed by: Lathan, September 07, 2018

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

This is an excellent weapon, it feels good In the hand and looks amazing on my shelf. Cant find a single problem with it.
Reviewed by: Lathan, September 02, 2018

Review of: Assam Rifles Kukri

Looks to be quite good quality.  Nice heft to the blade and the sheath/scabbard looks pretty good.  I have already used it for some brush clearing and it is working great.
Reviewed by: Immanuel, July 28, 2015

Review of: Windlass Cobra Steel Falcata

Nice solid weapons. Built tough. Factory edge is adequate. I sharpened it up a little more. Nice feel. Great price for what you get.
Reviewed by: Joseph, May 28, 2015

Review of: Windlass Cobra Steel Falcata

Just received my two falcatas last week...and they are truly amazing! The blade is strong and sturdy with a great weight to it. The handle has good traction and fits comforably in the hand. It's made for outdoor use, but would prove itself effective in combat as well! Job well done MRL!
Reviewed by: Alex, May 22, 2013