Earrings & Ear Wraps

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Ostrogoth Dragon Ear Wrap

This polished pewter dragon wraps around the right ear, with its pointed tail curled at the top and its head at the lobe, secured by a surgical steel ear-post.

Gothic Devotion Apostles Cross Earrings

These pewter Gothic Devotion earrings are in the shape of a budded cross, also known as the Apostles' cross, with 3 buds on the ends of each of the crosses' arms. Made in England in fine English antiqued pewter and surgical steel plated wire.

Khthonis Snake Ear Wrap

This pewter ear wrap, designed for the left ear, portrays a three-headed serpent from the realms of the Greek underworld. Each mouth is open ready to strike. The single tail curls around the ear with the tip piercing through the earlobe with the surgical steel post.

Crystal Dragon Pewter Ear Wrap

This Crystal Dragon Ear Wrap is an elegant piece for the dark-hearted. The animated scene depicts a timeless scenario of bestial supremacy as a writhing dragon flaunts its crystal treasure with dramatically outstretched wings. This ear wrap, designed for the right ear, bends around the ear with a piercing. The dragon is clutching a suspended Austrian crystal dropper.

Tercia Serpent Earrings

These serpent earrings symbolize the Threefold Law. Made by Alchemy in fine English pewter with Swarovksi crystals and a surgical steel post, each serpent reveals three coils.

Jormungand Pewter Ear Wrap

This rune-inscribed Viking dragon ear wrap shows the dragon unfurled. Designed for the left ear, it is made by Alchemy in fine English pewter with a surgical steel post.

Butterfly Wing Earrings

The jewels of the insect world - colorful butterfly wings - are encased in preserving jewelry quality acrylic, ready to enhance and enchant your look! Each wing measures about 2".

Witches Heart Studs

Stick the heart and cast a spell for silent retribution.

Find fantasy and gothic-styled earrings and ear wraps.