Non Firing Pistols & Guns

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Napoleonic Flintlock Rifle

This non firing replica of a Napoleonic Flintlock Rifle has a highly sculpted wooden stock with intricate cast metal accents. Moving parts and a trigger that pulls.

Napoleonic Double Barrel Flintlock

Replica of the 1806 Gribeauval is hand-carved, real wood stock and solid, cast metal parts. This massive double barrel flintlock is a must for collectors.

18th Century Four Barrel Flintlock Pistol Replica

This Four Barrel Flintlock Pistol was introduced in the early 17th century. Our non firing replica has working metal parts and the four barrels can be rotated.

Blunderbuss Non Firing Flintlock Firearm

This massive, non-firing flintlock firearm has a full wood stock, brass finish barrel, cast metal parts and a working flintlock mechanism. 26" overall, just over 3 pounds.

Death’s Head Flintlock Pistol

This non-firing replica features ornate antique grey filigree etching on the barrel, firing mechanism and pistol guard. Butt plate is a relief of the skull and crossbones. Antique wood and metal. Overall 14".

18th Century Flintlock

This non-firing replica is manufactured of wood and metal parts and lavishly finished in antique silver and gold. Moving parts. Overall 15". Weighs 1 lb/3 oz.

Double Barrel Turn Over Pistol

This non-firing flintlock pistol features rotating double barrels with separate pans, dual tone finish on metal furniture, and engraved metal butt plate and grip. Cast metal with faux ivory scales. Overall 14" long.

Milady’s Pistol

This flintlock all-metal gun features an antique brass finish, moving parts and working trigger. Faux ivory engraved grips. Measures 6" overall. Weighs 14 oz.

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Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Double Barrel Turn Over Pistol

Reviewed by: Nathan, October 30, 2020

Review of: Death’s Head Flintlock Pistol

This is a great, high quality piece for any collection. The weight and feel of it is perfect. Nothing feels loose or cheap. A fine addition to anyone's pirate kit.
Reviewed by: Stephen, May 19, 2020

Review of: Pepper Box Replica Revolver

The best legit price for this prop I've seen!  Well built and sturdy, now all I need to do is figure out who did it and in what room so I can win at Clue :)
Reviewed by: EDWARD, March 30, 2020

Review of: Milady’s Pistol

Well made with good attention to detail, and the moving parts make it much more authentic. Great costume piece, especially at this price.
Reviewed by: Kevin, January 30, 2020

Review of: 18th Century Flintlock

Excellent feel, look, and quality. I gave it to my beautiful girlfriend as an early Valentine's Day present and she was beyond thrilled with it! Even is big enough for someone with big hands like mine.
Reviewed by: Alexander, February 13, 2019

Review of: Pepper Box Replica Revolver

Nice replica.  The barrels turn and the hammer drops just like a real pistol would.  Looks good on my desk.  Very pleased with it.
Reviewed by: Kenneth, December 29, 2018

Review of: 18th Century Flintlock

This replica has a great weight and hand-feel to it. The mechanism is smooth working, the hammer is authentic in as much as it can be cocked or half cocked, the frisson moves well and the trigger mechanism works flawlessly. I can believe that they used historic molds for this piece. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by: Steven, December 19, 2014

Review of: Milady’s Pistol

really good replica for under $30.00.  Can be used as a great base for any steampunk creation or as a stand alone piece for a pirate costume.
Reviewed by: David, May 26, 2014

Review of: Philadelphia Derringer Dummy Gun

This is one of the most overlooked prizes on the web site.  This weapon is a great stand alone piece.  But the real joy is how easy it is to modify for a steampunk look.  It disassembles easily and, since the core is solid wood, it can be retrofitted with LED, light kits, or extra gears and cogs to make an amazing little pistol
Reviewed by: David, May 21, 2014

Review of: Le Mat Pistol

Reviewed by: Billy, March 07, 2010