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Last Chance Home Décor & Gifts

Find closeout Home Decor & Accessories for sale, from statues to coins you can decorate in style and save money too.

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Arabesque Compote

The Vikings traversed the world in search of plunder. This magnificent compote could have been one such treasure. This gorgeous piece is made of a cold-cast resin, and then metalized with an antique bronze finish and inlaid with a red and gold enameling. For decoration only, not for food.

Coins of Perseus

Two famous coins are reproduced in this amazing set depicting the mythological adventures of Perseus. One coin has the head of Medusa, the Gorgon who could turn men to stone. The reverse side is an anchor symbolizing Perseus voyage and the power of the Greek fleet. The second coin is of the Athenian owl, the prized pet of the goddess Athena. The reverse has a portrait of Athena in her full glory. Each coin measures approximately 1" across and are finished in an antiqued nickel finish. A collector display box is included, which holds both coins.
$10.00 $25.00

Dungeon Padlock

From treasure chests to dungeon chains, one thing was for sure - a strong lock was needed to keep property safe and prisoners secure. This working reproduction, medieval lock has been antiqued and hand made so it looks and functions as the originals did. All steel construction. It's not unusual to see this style all the way into the Old West!
$10.00 $18.00

Elen of The Ways Statue

This majestic statue is of the antlered Celtic goddess known as Elen of the Ways. She appears in the epic myth The Mabinogian where she magically built highways for her soldiers to protect the country. She is Protectress of the Pathways and the Guardian of all who journey. This statue is made of resin which has been metalized with an antiqued bronze finish.

Equestrian Knight in Armor Statue

All the beauty of a full-size museum piece has been captured in this stunning miniature statue of a late period knight in full armor. This cold-cast resin piece has been lavishly metalized in an antique bronze, giving it the true look of real metal. Many raised areas have been accented with a rich golden color.