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Zelda - Link’s Shield

Now you can own a replica of the hero's shield from your favorite fantasy video game series!

Lord of the Rings: Helmet Stand

This is an officially licensed Lord of the Rings Helm Display Stand made by United Cutlery®, the original manufacturer. It is a replacement stand for most United Cutlery The Lord of the Rings helmet replicas.

Windlass Rustblocker Non-Aerosol Spray

Now in an environmentally friendly plastic spray pump bottle! We have improved Windlass Rustblocker by replacing the metal aerosol can with a plastic 16 oz recyclable bottle. You'll have less waste and won't have to worry about excessive heat or punctures causing an explosion. It's the same great product with an easy spray-on application that removes dirt & grime and seals bare metal for long-lasting protection. Perfect for all metal products including knives, swords, axes, firearms, or any metal part requiring cleaning and corrosion protection! Made in the USA.

Talons of the Dunheviel Dragon Sword Hanger

Intriguing alone, when you pair these dragon talons they become unique sword hangers and can be hung either pointing up or down. They can also be used as wall sculptures to hold hats, towels, or anything you want within easy reach. Made in resin, these gothic-style dragon talons seem to claw their way right through your wall!

Windlass Classic Micro-Crystalline Polish/Wax 250 ml

This special formulation of refined waxes is designed to rejuvenate wood, leather, metal (steel, brass, etc), polished stone (marble, granite, etc.), and other hard surfaces. Dries to a hard finish instantly and resists and protects from liquids, foreign substances, and fingerprints. Acid-free to avoid damage.

Universal Sword Plaque by Kit Rae

This Kit Rae wooden sword plaque constructed from solid wood has screen printed tribal designs and is a unique way to display your sword.

Hanwei / Tinker Pommel Retention Nut

This replacement retention nut is for use on the recessed pommel nuts found on Hanwei blades and training swords. Listing is for a single pommel retention nut.

Accusharp World's Fastest Sharpener

This US made Accusharp, with Tungsten carbide sharpening blades, can sharpen serrated knives, cleavers, axes, machetes, and other cutting tools in less than 10 seconds!

Show off your investments with our display stands and hangers. And your treasures will shine when treated with quality products designed for use on our line of weapons and armor.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Windlass Rustblocker Non-Aerosol Spray

Simple and effective, and since there are large amounts of windlass product here at MRL, it' s perfect for using their spray on their own product. I do suggest to buy this as a package with other items you are buying since it does seem to give a discount and you don't have to pay another shipping fee just for this.
Reviewed by: Yijie, January 25, 2024

Review of: Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish 200 ml

I bought this because I wanted to see which  works better, the Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish or the Windlass Rustblocker.
The Renaissance micro-crystalline wax says it can be used on leather,  Windlass rustblocker says for use on metal surfaces only, yet I have seen a video of someone using Windlass rustblocker and sprayed down their sword, hilt and all. I have not tried that.
Final conclusion is,  it's a matter of personal preference.  So I will continue to use both.  One is just faster to use.
Reviewed by: Sammy, June 26, 2021

Review of: Vulpex Liquid Soap

Also a very good product. No particular success on fabric, yet, but glass, metals, books, and sealed wood all clean splendidly, which, depending on the object and age, have sometimes come out looking like new.
Reviewed by: William, June 19, 2021

Review of: Renaissance Metal De-Corroder

Very much impressed with this. A pretty penny, to be sure, and nearly impossible to "immerse" anything in. But, using a Q-tip or a drop on a gloved finger makes it worth the while. It does dry rather quickly, so work done in small sections seems to be key.
Reviewed by: William, June 19, 2021

Review of: Lion Crest Adjustable Sword Hangers (set of 2)

Although these Lion Crest hangers are sold as sword hangers, I think they would only work for larger swords with long hand guards.  However, I did not purchase them for hanging swords, but rather for spears and javelins, or even for polearms and war hammers.  They are very strong and expand outward so that a shaft can lay in them on the wall.  This helps keep a spear or javelin from bending out of shape from leaning against a wall over time and also keeps it up off the floor.  Nice also for displaying polearms, either horizontal or vertical.  (Spears would be horizontal with these hangers.)  Overall, just a really nice looking hanger.
Reviewed by: DeVaul, November 03, 2020

Review of: Lion Crest Adjustable Sword Hangers (set of 2)

These are great for the bigger swords and they look very classy -- I paired them with the Fleur de Lis Sword Hangers  and they work very well!
Reviewed by: Rory, June 18, 2020

Review of: Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish 200 ml

I'd used Boeshield T-9 as a rust blocker for many years and it was pretty good, but usually left a more liquid residue behind and was prone to eventually allowing rust on edges.

This wax goes on easy, dries very fast, and also adds a wonderful shine to my swords and knives. I've even started using it on some tools. It leaves very thin, dry finish and I think it will outlast other rust preventers I've used. I couldn't be happier with this wax. Can I give it six stars?
Reviewed by: David, February 23, 2019

Review of: Flitz Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit

The cloth is excellent, and the wax easy to apply.
Reviewed by: Adam, January 11, 2019

Review of: Flitz Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit

Love this care kit
Reviewed by: Leidy, September 12, 2018

Review of: Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish 200 ml

I bought a tin of this stuff 25 years ago.  I'm still working out of it.  Unless you are a major museum, and the Henry Ford uses it, you may never use up one tin in a lifetime.  It works as advertised.
Reviewed by: Garry, January 06, 2018