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Sword Canes

Sword canes first appeared in Medieval Japan. Use spread to Europe and continued into the  Renaissance as they were seen as a fashionable way to carry a sword discretely. Sword canes became even more popular in later years when thrusting blades came into fashion.

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Buffalo Horn Sword Cane

This dependable, real sword cane has spring, button-lock mechanism to secure the blade. Buffalo horn handle. Fiberglass shaft with a black finish. Non-slip rubber tips. Fully tempered, high carbon steel blades.

Fisted Spike Cane

This cane is made of strengthened aluminum and is powder-coated with a black finish. The sculpted cane head is molded in metal. A 14’’ long three-sided spike is hidden inside the shaft. Rubber, anti-skid tip included.

Gambler’s Sword Cane

This cane features a spiral-carved black horn handle and sterling silver plated head and fittings. Comes with a small hidden pair of bone dice at the top and a hidden triangular blade. Has strong aluminum shaft, powder-coated in black, with an anti-skid rubber foot. 

Knob Sword Cane

This real sword cane from the movie Batman Begins features a full-length rapier blade. Spring, button-lock mechanism. Grip, shaft and pommel head are made of aluminum. Non-slip rubber tip. Fully tempered, high carbon steel blade.

Phantom Sword Cane

This fantasy themed sword cane has a solid hand finished aluminum head and durable aluminium shaft painted black.

Victorian Sword Cane

This deadly sidearm is one of the most beautiful sword canes ever produced by Windlass Steelcrafts. The highly detailed hardwood shaft has been black enameled and is accented with a hand-carved bone ring and topped off with actual horn.

Captain Nemo Sword Cane

This fantasy sword cane sports a sea creature inspired solid hand finished aluminum head and durable aluminium shaft.