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Breastplates & Cuirasses

It was crucial that a warrior protect the vital areas, such as his chest and shoulders. By the 14th century breastplates evolved from leather to plated metal.

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Leather Coat-of-Plates

This long coat is crafted of high-grade suede. Features slits at the front, back and sides for flexibility. Lace-up sides. Overall length of 45 inches.
$295.00 $349.00

Leather Lorica Segmentata

This Lorica Segmentata is crafted expertly of fully articulated harness grade leather. Design offers ease of movement. Adjustable with leather ties.
$175.00 $225.00

Lorica Segmentata

This Lorica Segmentata is made of 18 gauge steel. The armor's design enables freedom of movement. Fits chest sizes 42–46 inches.