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Mastercraft Collection

These swords are crafted of the same tough steel and with the same care as the rest of our fully functional weapons, with extra features fit for a Noble.  Featuring engraved fittings, fancy scabbards and, for some swords, matching sword belts!

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Sword of Robert the Bruce

This sword has a blade crafted of 1065 high carbon steel. Features pommel with Cross of St. Andrew and black leather wrapped grip. Black leather scabbard included. Overall length 43-1/2 inches.

Sword of Santa Casilda

The blade of this Oakeshott Type XII sword is full tang, high carbon steel. Parts are intricately cast brass with antique finish. Includes scabbard and a long belt set. Overall 36-1/2 inches.
$235.00 $375.00

Sword of St. Maurice

The full tang blade on this sword is hand forged of high carbon steel. Sports hand engraved, solid brass parts. Includes leather scabbard and belt set. Overall 40 inches.

The Accolade Sword of the Knights Templar

This Templar sword has a hand forged, high carbon steel blade. The grip is hand-wrapped with red leather. Wooden scabbard & period belt included. Overall 40 inches.

The Castilian Sword

This Renaissance period sword with highly detailed blade, has exquisite piercings on its upper section with the guard and the fittings on the scabbard plated in stunning 18K. Overall 39-1/2 inches.

The Conqueror Sword

The sword has a blade made of 1065 high carbon steel. Features red leather covered grip, Brazil nut shaped pommel, and straight hilt. Brown leather covered scabbard included. Overall length of 37 inches.
$295.00 $375.00