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Fantasy Armor, Greaves, Vambraces and Helmets

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Childrens Dragon Scale Armour

This armor is handcrafted in 7/8 oz leather. Features three-dimensional scales on the front, back, and shoulders. Comes with adjustable buckles and straps. Made in the USA.

Childrens Dragon Scale Vambrace Bracers

This pair of vambraces is made from high quality 7/8 oz leather plates secured with leather lacing. Made in the USA. Overall: 8" long.

Dark Rogue Leather Armor

This double-layered armor is handcrafted in 7/8 oz chrome oil tanned leather. Features stylized plating along the core and a pair of sword frogs attached to the back.

Dark Rogue Leather Armor With Hood

This double-layered armor featuring stylized plating is handcrafted in 7/8 oz chrome oil tanned leather. Includes a hood and a pair of sword frogs.

Death Dealer Collector’s Edition Helmet

This helmet is forged from 18 gauge steel and is hand finished with an antique look. Features custom fiberglass horns/tusks. Fully lined with suede and has a leather adjustable liner. Includes custom display stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

Dragon King Leather Greaves

This pair of Greaves is made from three-dimensionally shaped leather. Features three rows of handcrafted leather scales affixed to a thicker leather backing. Highly adjustable.

Dragon King Leather Vambraces

This pair of vambraces is crafted expertly from medium weight, three-dimensionally shaped leather to create raised dragon scales. Lace up closure. Overall length of 8-3/4 inches.

Dragon Scale Archers Single Vambrace

This arm guard is layered in strong yet supple 7/8 oz leather with cut-out scales along its length. Sides of the vambrace exhibit speed lacers which makes it easier and quicker to put on. Overall length of 7 inches.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Death Dealer Collector’s Edition Helmet

Helmet is well made and can be worn with the adjustable leather lining. It is metal so it is not light which I find a plus. It may not be an exact copy of Frazetta's drawing of the death dealer but it is a fine representation of the helmet. I have a mannequin that I change armor on periodically and he looks quite fearsome with this helmet and the axe. I place led eyes behind the helmet and it really looks good.
Reviewed by: Walter, March 01, 2018

Review of: Horseman Helmet

I like this helmet. Feels good and looks good. Very happy with it.
Reviewed by: John, December 10, 2009