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Last Chance Swords, Knives & Daggers

Unique swords, over runs and last years’ models of knives and weapons can be found here.

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Death Dealer Collector’s Edition Sword

From the Frank Frazetta Collector’s Edition line, this massive Death Dealer sword features darkened brass hardware and parts, along with a high carbon steel blade which has been hand forged and fully tempered. Includes an elaborate custom leather covered scabbard with chain for over the shoulder wear. Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Only few left in stock!

English Hunting Dagger

This dagger has a single edge, full-tang, high carbon steel blade which is tempered and hand forged. Features rough hewn hardwood grip, solid metal parts with an antique brass finish. Leather sheath included. Overall 14-1/2 inches.
$64.95 $85.95

Marto Sword of the Freemasons

Blade of this sword is made of tempered stainless steel. Hilt and pommel feature 24K gold, and handgrip exhibits blue velvet. Overall length of 47-1/2 inches.

Phantom Sword Cane

This fantasy-themed, Victorian and Steampunk-styled sword cane comprises of a durable aluminium shaft painted black, with a solid hand-finished aluminum head and a 1065 high carbon steel blade. Overall length 38 inches.

Crusader Sword of Tancred

This sword from the Crusades era has a blade made of 1065 high carbon steel. Features ornate pommel and brown leather covered wooden handle. Suede covered wooden scabbard included. Overall length of 40 inches.

Sword of Santa Casilda

This Oakeshott Type XII sword has a full tang, 1085 high carbon steel blade. Features intricately cast brass with antique finish. Overall 36-1/2 inches.
$234.95 $375.00

The Conqueror Sword

The sword has a blade made of 1065 high carbon steel. Features red leather covered grip, Brazil nut shaped pommel, and straight hilt. Brown leather covered scabbard included. Overall length of 37 inches.
$294.95 $375.00

Durandal the Sword of Roland

This mythical medieval sword has a wide, hand-forged, high-carbon steel blade. The cross guard, grip band and pommel are silver plated. Red leather wrapped grip. Matching scabbard included. Overall 40-3/4"

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: English Hunting Dagger

I really liked the look of this blade online and wanted to add to my garb to balance my sword.  I was Leary of the wood handle with studs.  It looks just as great in person and the handle feels really good. Can't be happier.
Reviewed by: Ryan, October 11, 2018

Review of: Sword of Santa Casilda

Completely satisfied. Beautiful design, practical, and light weight. Excellent sword, worth the money.
Reviewed by: Philippe, September 05, 2018

Review of: Sword of Santa Casilda

Very nice x11 sword.  Hilt with some cosmetic differences from the original sword hilt, like placement of X's on the grip and brass instead of iron cross and pommel.  These are minor.   Look and feel of a historic piece.  (see E. Oakeshot "The Sword in the Age of Chivalry", fig. 18
Reviewed by: william, January 09, 2018

Review of: English Hunting Dagger

Extremely well constructed. Comes oiled. As beautiful in person as it looks in pictures.
Reviewed by: Sean, October 20, 2017

Review of: Sword of Santa Casilda

This is a gorgeous sword and an excellent deal. I ordered mine on a Wednesday night (sharpened and engraved) and had an issue with my credit card, which I corrected over the phone the next day (Thurs). Customer service at Atlanta Cutlery (where this ships from) was exceptional. My sword shipped on that Friday and arrived on Tuesday. I was afraid it was arriving too quickly, as I ordered it sharpened and engraved, but it was perfect. There are no cosmetic defects, the peened pommel is stunning, with different shades of metals coming together, heavy and solid. Everything is tight, the sharpening and engraving, fantastic. I didn't have any issues with the scabbard being too tight. The scabbard, belt and fittings are beautiful.

Reviewed by: Mike, February 18, 2017

Review of: Crusader Sword of Tancred

Received as christmas gift from someone who know my love of swords, impeccable!  Love the natural feel it should have and the balance.  Best present this year!!!
Reviewed by: michael, January 01, 2017

Review of: Crusader Sword of Tancred

Very happy. Much higher quality than I expected. Excellent Sword.
Reviewed by: Barry, December 11, 2016

Review of: The Conqueror Sword

received mine yesterday,mine weighted 3 pbs and 12oz,the blade was 32 and 7/8",grip from guard to promal is 4and1/2",promal is 3and1/2' WIDE AND 2' tall.The balance point is 4' From the guard,the blade has nice distail taper and the point is more narrower than say the sword of tarced,tapers more the last 6" to point.for a heaver sword it is wery well balanced1.Love the over all style of the sword!,the guard is 9" long.The scabble could be little better,it doesn,t have a wooden core.Can be heald with two hands in neet to.The wire wrap on the red leather handle is nice touch.Think the handle might be glued on,the promal is threaded not peened.over really like this sword,It is no doubt one hell of a wepon in hands of someone who knows how to use it.Ray Blundell
Reviewed by: ray , December 08, 2016

Review of: Sword of Santa Casilda

just received mine today,cut few water bottles also cuts paper thin and regular with ease.the writhing on guard and promal is very well done!.love the grip,feel's great in my hand .the balance point is 3and 5/16" from guard.the seath is an upgrad for windless swords,it's perfect not to fancy and not to plane just right.when using it has blade presents but not blade heavy.sword look way better in person.I did research on dark sword armory,sword armory and alibon swords befor buying mine.I found dark sword of armory had some problems with swords breaking and weight of there blades,sword of armory had some sharping,fuller,and very rough peen,s and albion there were some sharping problems,the above are all good swords but when I compared to this windless including cost plus this one I just bought from museum replicas was on sale.I was an easy decision the whole package of the sword of santa casilda was the best deal.I have medieval swords,windless,hanwei,ronin katana-the peened modles and legasy arms and the ones I like the best are the windless.great sword,safe cutting Ray Blundell
Reviewed by: ray , May 13, 2016

Review of: Sword of Santa Casilda

Swift, light and effective!  This is a true sword for the ages.  I love the look and feel of the sword as I parry the forces of darkness. The sword literally hums as it moves through the air.
Reviewed by: Sam, March 18, 2016