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Last Chance Swords, Knives & Daggers

Unique swords, over runs and last years’ models of knives and weapons can be found here.

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Brass Hilted Rondel Dagger

$82.50 $110.00

Crusader Chopper

This single-edged chopper has been hand forged of 1065 high carbon steel. Features wooden scales on grip and antique copper fittings. Overall length of 32 inches.
$105.00 $140.00

Dagger of Azrael

In many traditions and folklore, Azrael is known as the Angel of Retribution and is identified with the Archangel of Death. This stunning dagger is an exact reproduction of a 19th century French piece which was designed as a homage to this deadly angel. The extremely large size blade has a similar design to an ancient Egyptian willow leaf shape. The grip is of exceptional quality and has a level of detail rarely seen in a dagger from this period. The craftsmen at Windlass Steelcrafts have painstakingly reproduced every minute detail in this rare weapon. A three-dimensional image of a cloaked skeletal figure forms the base for the overall grip, while a deadly serpent wraps its way around the guard and down towards the blade. Exquisite filigree metalwork adorns the matching scabbard, with black leather forming its base. All of the fittings on this piece have been lavishly plated in 24-karat gold. Truly a piece belonging in the collection of the legendary Sherlock Holmes himself!
$146.25 $195.00

European Sword

This battle-ready, one-handed sword has a tapered, high carbon steel blade. Small wheel pommel and a curved, stout crossguard. Wood grip is cord and leather wrapped. Includes leather scabbard. Overall 40 inches.
$146.25 $195.00

Medieval Practice Weapon - Dagger

A wooden sword, or waster, was a common training tool for the practice of swordsmanship throughout the Middle Ages. This training weapon allowed a warrior to practice full combat safely while preserving his precious steel for the real battle to come. Our practice weapons are hand crafted of solid, fully seasoned hardwood. With contrasting wood guard and pommel, they are strong enough to meet the needs of today's swordsman (or woman). Each can take the abuse of sparring and reenacting, even edge-to-edge. (Keep in mind, however, that wood can break along the grain.) The dagger design represents edge weapons common from the 12th to 15th centuries. Made by Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®.
$21.75 $29.00

Spartan Lakonia Short Sword

This close combat sword has a leaf shaped, high carbon steel blade, and a bronze grip. Scabbard is wood covered in leather.
$108.75 $145.00

Sword of Charlemagne

This historical sword has a blade made of 420 stainless steel and features a detailed, gold plated hilt. Overall length of 39-1/4 inches.
$111.75 $349.00

Twisted Iron Bodice Dagger

Hand forged from a single piece of iron comes this small but deadly pointed dagger. Perfect for concealing as a back-up weapon of last resort or great for inside a lady’s bodice. Comes complete with a suede sheath. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.
$14.25 $19.00