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Last Chance Swords, Knives & Daggers

Unique swords, over runs and last years’ models of knives and weapons can be found here.

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European Sword

This battle-ready, one-handed sword has a tapered, high carbon steel blade. Small wheel pommel and a curved, stout crossguard. Wood grip is cord and leather wrapped. Includes leather scabbard. Overall 40 inches.

Death Dealer Collector’s Edition Sword

From the Frank Frazetta Collector’s Edition line, this massive Death Dealer sword features darkened brass hardware and parts, along with a high carbon steel blade which has been hand forged and fully tempered. Includes an elaborate custom leather covered scabbard with chain for over the shoulder wear. Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Only few left in stock!


A forerunner of many long parrying daggers of later years, the poignard's long reach made it very effective. It saw much use in its own day as a backup weapon on the battlefield. The were even carried at court when swords were forbidden, as they made formidable weapons in the hands of an expert. Includes scabbard.

Munich Dagger

During the 1600's a dagger was almost always carried by everyone and was used for two handed fighting with a sword or for when there was not room enough for a sword. The fullered blade has pierced work. Has a well-tempered 1095 high carbon steel blade. The pommel and guard are steel and the grip is wood wrapped in twisted steel wire for a very positive hold.
$68.95 $94.95

Swedish Viking Sword

This beautiful and unique sword was unearthed in Sweden and can be seen in "Cultural Atlas Of The Viking World", as well as other publications. Quite famous as an artifact, it displays the unknown swordmaker's skill and imagination. The pommel is almost fanciful while the guard displays one of the classic Viking forms. It has the typical wide fullered slashing blade that the Vikings loved. A great chance to own a copy of a well-known sword. Parts are steel and grip is wood covered in leather. Comes with scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®.

English Hunting Dagger

This dagger has a single edge, full-tang, high carbon steel blade which is tempered and hand forged. Features rough hewn hardwood grip, solid metal parts with an antique brass finish. Leather sheath included. Overall 14-1/2 inches.
$39.95 $85.95

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: European Sword

This sword is amaizing, a bit heavy, but amazing. No defect on the guard, on the pommel, nothing, even the scabbard fit perfectly. What do you want more ?
Reviewed by: Alexandre, February 11, 2018

Review of: English Hunting Dagger

Extremely well constructed. Comes oiled. As beautiful in person as it looks in pictures.
Reviewed by: Sean, October 20, 2017

Review of: Poignard

A beautiful weapon and a testament as to what Museum Replicas does well!
Reviewed by: Mike, August 28, 2017

Review of: European Sword

For the price you will have a hard time finding a better sword!  I love the simple look and it just feels right in the hand.  My only complaint is that the pommel was peened crooked, however it doesn't affect function.
Reviewed by: James, February 11, 2017

Review of: Poignard

14 3/4" blade,weighs nicely in the grip and is
quite finely(oops)honed.
Reviewed by: Lester, December 08, 2016

Review of: European Sword

A beautiful, solid piece of equipment, and well worth the price.
Reviewed by: Robin, November 27, 2016

Review of: European Sword

Beautifully balanced, with the perfect amount of flex so not too whippy! Sword handles amazingly and the fittings on mine are perfectly aligned, with no rattles to speak of. First head about this sword through the SBG review and have had my eye on it for a while. One thing I noticed though, is that the fuller on mine is almost twice as wide as any other Windlass European swords I have seen, which in my opinion makes the blade super attractive, and much more aesthetically pleasing for my personal taste. My one gripe is that the fuller ground on one side of the blade veers off on a haphazard angle for about 3 inches near the tip-end which really detracts from what would otherwise be a great finish for the price. Because of this flaw, I should only give four stars in review of the particular blade I received. It still performs flawlessly though, and I am sure MRL would swap for a new sword if it's owner was overly affected by any major errors in the product's finish - therefore I will award it the 5-star rating it deserves.
Reviewed by: , August 17, 2016

Review of: European Sword

It is exactly what it is advertised to be. An excellent basic functional sword that cannot be beat at its original price point and a steal in closeout.  Well crafted simplicity at its best. The second I have owned and not much changed from the first I bought over 15 years ago.  Why they would discontinue such a time-tested sword is beyond me...but all things I suppose must come to an end.  Unfortunately, I received this one damaged due to some very negligent shipping but I can't express enough how helpful the customer service is at Museum Replicas. A shipping label was immediately sent to me and upon their receiving the original, even though I was informed it could be a 6 week wait due to the closeout, a replacement was found and shipped out (express) on the same day. A solid and very trustworthy company that I look forward to dealing with again in the future.      
Reviewed by: Robert, July 18, 2016

Review of: European Sword

We buy these swords as a presentation to the incoming President of the Sheriff's Assn.  High quality and historical accuracy makes these swords perfect for our use.
Reviewed by: Terry, December 10, 2015

Review of: European Sword

I put my review on this sword under the classic sword,sorry if you would like to see it ck the review by ray Blundell on the classic sword.
Reviewed by: ray , December 10, 2015