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Last Chance Swords, Knives & Daggers

Unique swords, over runs and last years’ models of knives and weapons can be found here.

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Hutton Dueling Sabre with Scabbard

The blade and hilt of the “Hutton” sabre imitate the true training sabres of the late 19th-century Italian style. The high-carbon flex-tempered steel blade has rounded tip and blunt edges for a safe, effective training.

Marto Sword of the Freemasons

This blade of this sword is crafted of 420 stainless steel and the hilt features several symbols of the Masonic tradition. Grip decorated with silver-plated metal. Overall length of 46 inches.
$394.95 $244.95

Silver Hilted Dagger

One of our most effective and good-looking daggers, this features a fully tempered 1055 high carbon steel blade with a fuller. Durable hilt made of solid nickel silver. Black leather scabbard with nickel-plated throat and tip included. Overall length 14-3/4 inches.

Falchion Sword

The blade of this medieval machete is tempered high carbon steel, the guard and pommel are steel; the grip is wood covered with leather. Complete with a leather scabbard. Overall 34 inches.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Silver Hilted Dagger

A real beautiful dagger, a good weight to it. 'Twin fang' fullers at the base of the blade and 'leaf' shape main fuller down the blade. Nice edge, nice heft and very shiny! It has a bit of a ricasso that improves handling as well.
Reviewed by: Thomas, June 15, 2020

Review of: Silver Hilted Dagger

Very attractive dagger & scabbard. Manufacturing quality is 'top notch.' If it becomes available again, highly recommend purchase. Than ks again MR for a fine item.
Reviewed by: HOWARD, February 26, 2020

Review of: Silver Hilted Dagger

I bought this from the Deal of the Day.  It's very elegant, but the hilt is a little more gold toned than expected.
Reviewed by: Jonathan, October 12, 2018

Review of: Silver Hilted Dagger

Just received this from a "deal of the day" purchase.  It is the 4 item I've purchased over recent months and absolutely love it.  In one word....beautiful.  
The weight and handling are excellent.  I had this one sharpened and it clearly would be an ominous weapon if ever put into actual use.  As mentioned, this is my 4th purchase from MR and in every case, I've been delighted with the purchase.  Great workmanship, detail, and aesthetically pleasing to view and handle.  Am looking forward to receiving the Musketeer Rapier that I just ordered this past week.
Reviewed by: Michael, January 22, 2018

Review of: Silver Hilted Dagger

Great quality and beautiful
Reviewed by: michael, July 05, 2017

Review of: Silver Hilted Dagger

A most excellent dagger. Very heavy at the handle due to the solid nickel silver which causes the balance to be off. It has the usual scratches and imperfections on the handle. The blade is flawless and beautifully made. The sheath fits well and the hardware is nice. Mine is for display only and not sharpened. Price is on the higher side and worth every penny. The most unique dagger I own.
Reviewed by: Gerald, March 17, 2016

Review of: Silver Hilted Dagger

This is a GREAT weapon. I ordered it for my boyfriend's Christmas present. I ordered it sharpened fully expecting to have to send it out to get it sharpened by a different company but it came VERY sharp. I was extremely impressed. Our mailman is really rough on our mail so I asked for more packaging than normal and was delighted to see they followed through on my request.The dagger comes oiled and is one solid piece and has a gorgeous sheath. I was tempted to keep it for myself! If I could rate 6 stars I would!
Reviewed by: Ashlee, November 18, 2015

Review of: Silver Hilted Dagger

Beautiful weapon!

Reviewed by: George, August 10, 2011

Review of: Falchion Sword

Reviewed by: elias, August 02, 2009

Review of: Falchion Sword

I couldn't be more satisfied with this sword. It's a great sword to showcase some of the more exotic looking weaponry of Europe.
Reviewed by: Nicholas, April 10, 2009