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About Us

Museum Replicas Limited and Atlanta Cutlery Corp. operate under the same roof in Conyers, GA, USA. Atlanta Cutlery originally started as a mail order catalog company in 1971 to sell military surplus, hunting and other hard to find knives and knife making supplies from all over the world. In 1985, Bill Adams and Hank Reinhardt founded Museum Replicas Limited to sell medieval swordsarmor, and more. Windlass Steelcrafts worked closely as a manufacturer with both Bill Adams and Hank Reinhardt to recreate high-quality designs to historical accuracy. The association continued to grow until the time Bill Adams retired and sold the companies to brothers Sudhir and Pradeep Windlass in 1995. Today, we continue to work closely with Windlass Steelcrafts to manufacture high quality, unique and historical, durable and capable designs that are manufactured with traditional historical accuracy in mind.

Our well educated and highly trained staff directs the company. Our full time, in-house staff includes experts on historical weapons, a research and design team including Creative Director Dave DiPietro (formerly with Paramount Studios), Robin Chaudhuri (formerly with Michigan State University Historical Museum in Arms & Armour) and Travis Baer (testing and video guru). Part-time consultants include: Simon Atherton, Prop Master (Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Mask of Zorro, Kingdom of Heaven & Gladiator), Joss Skottowe, prop armorer (Die Another Day, Sahara, Quantum of Solace) and Augusto Grassi, prop master (Rome, Wheel of Time).

We understand the hunger for well researched and well made historically accurate, battle worthy weapons from Greek and medieval to the Renaissance and even to movies, TV and literature of today. We've traveled far and wide armed with a wealth of information that was gathered from various museums, experts and private collections around the world. We are forever on the lookout for sword smiths and manufacturing specialists to give you quality weapons at affordable prices.

Today we offer an extensive line of products which includes period clothing, jewelrysculptures and well researched battle worthy edged weapons and armor that you would have been proud to carry into any battle if you could go back in time. Apart from being time tested weapons, these relics of history are excellent conversation pieces that could adorn your den or mantle. Our extensive line of products can arm your castle, adorn M'Lady or M'Lord or you can simply wear them to Faire.

Click here for a list of some of the properties we currently hold, as well as some of the productions we have supplied props for.