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Scottish & Celtic Swords

Historically, the claymore and the basket-hilted broadsword are the two most celebrated Scottish and Celtic swords. The claymore was a big medieval sword that was used well into the Renaissance period; it was most effective when wielded with two hands. The basket-hilted broadsword was used from the 16th century onwards. This sword was lighter and more versatile in battle; its importance to the clans was underlined when firearms entered the fray and made armor and the claymore somewhat ineffective. Basket-hilted broadswords were essential for the clansmen and one of their favorite fighting styles was a broadsword in one hand and shield (targe) on the other. Later on, the Scottish military was issued with a similar sword called the backsword, as only one side of the blade was sharpened.

Museum Replicas offers a broad range of Scottish and Celtic weapons including claymores, basket-hilted swords, and short swords. Two of the blades in this excellent selection are inspired by iconic figures in Scottish history – William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. All weapons are crafted of top-grade material by the finest craftsmen in the field. The details are exquisite and on point and the swords do justice to Scotland’s glorious past. Browse through our collection, pick one (or more) of these classics and let loose the Highlander in you! .

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Brass Basket-Hilt Claymore

This Scottish sword has a fully tempered high carbon steel blade with fullered, double-edge, blade. The basket has a rich red cloth liner. Scabbard included.

Celtic Short Sword

This short sword features a custom blade crafted from hand-forged, tempered 1065 high carbon steel. Every part is antiqued. Includes leather scabbard. Overall length of 25 inches.

Eglinton Basket-Hilt Sword

This sword features real ray skin, wire-wrapped grip, intricate basket-hilt and a double fuller blade. Scabbard included. Overall 39 inches.

Hero's Warsword

This massive claymore includes a blade fashioned of 1065 high carbon steel. Features flattened cross section and cord-wrapped wooden grip. Overall length of 64 inches.

Late Scottish Broadsword

This version of the broadsword has a high carbon steel blade with double fullers and an intricate wire basket-hilt. Comes complete with a matching black leather scabbard. Overall 38-1/2 inches.

Scottish Broadsword

This traditional sword has a double-edged, hand forged, 1055 carbon steel blade and a distinctive basket-hilt. Wood and leather scabbard included. Overall 37-3/4 inches.

Sword of Robert the Bruce

This sword sports a 1065 high carbon steel blade. Features pommel with Cross of St. Andrew and black leather wrapped grip. Overall: 43-1/2 inches.

The Freedom Fighter Early Scottish Claymore

This two-handed Claymore has a blade made expertly of 1065 high carbon steel. Features leather-wrapped handle. Overall length of a massive 61 inches.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Sword of Robert the Bruce

I cannot express how impressed I am with this sword. The quality and beauty of this weapon was everything I had hoped for and more. It is well balanced as a combat blade and simply exquisite as a display piece. I purchased it as a gift for my son, sharpened and engraved and has quickly become his most prized possession. I could not be happier with my purchase!
Reviewed by: Richard, October 31, 2018

Review of: Hero's Warsword

Fucking sweet sword bro
Reviewed by: Colby, May 12, 2017

Review of: Sword of Robert the Bruce

I bought this sword as the deal of the day so the price was fantastic!  The sword itself is fairly nice for the price and has a good feel in the hand.  I wish it was peened but so far I have had zero problems.  
Reviewed by: James, February 10, 2017

Review of: Sword of Robert the Bruce

Beautifully constructed!  Quick, sharp and deadly!  This is an outrageously awesome sword.  It literally sings in the hand and moves with the speed of light.  Buy it!!!!
Reviewed by: Sam, April 21, 2016

Review of: Brass Basket-Hilt Claymore

I was very pleased when I received the sword.  It was much better than I expected and will be pleased to display with my collection.
Reviewed by: Louis, March 20, 2016

Review of: Eglinton Basket-Hilt Sword

This sword is extremely beautiful. Its quality is far better than I expected for the price. I bought it as a gift for my son-in-law and my husband is jealous and wants me to get him one.
Reviewed by: Mary, December 24, 2015

Review of: The Freedom Fighter Early Scottish Claymore

Wonderful sword! It's a bit whippy, but not nearly as bad as some of their other larger swords. The appearance is fantastic, and very well made. One of my favorites hands down.
Reviewed by: Matthew, November 14, 2015

Review of: Eglinton Basket-Hilt Sword

I have looked into basket hilts for a while. I considered the Eglinton, the Brass Basket from MR, and the Cold Steel basket hilts. I decided on this Eglinton and consider this a very fine sword. It is single edged (knuckle side), well balanced, and with a large enough grip for a big man to hold and wield. The blade is thicker than the photos convey, a positive. The hardware fits snug and the wire wrap over ray skin is a sure grip. I like the scabbard also - good fit and well made. Both me and a friend from fencing club bought this sword independently and were each equally impressed enough that we each brought it in to show the other.
Reviewed by: Richard, August 20, 2015

Review of: Brass Basket-Hilt Claymore

It is a wonderful sword. Keep up the good work!
Reviewed by: Michael, May 18, 2015

Review of: Eglinton Basket-Hilt Sword

This is a nicely made, high quality sword for the price. I picked it up Friday and it was on display at a Scottish Games Sat. & Sun. More than a few experienced sword owners remarked on its balance and quality.I'm very pleased!
Reviewed by: brian, April 27, 2015