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Crusader Helmets, Greaves & Vambraces

Protecting oneself in battles, whether small or large, was an absolute must during the Crusades. From the knight called upon to defend a kingdom to those jousting in times of peace, the need to defend oneself was essential. Museum Replicas carries an extensive line of body protection, from chain mail and leather protection to full suits of armor. 

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Arming Cap, Quilted

The Quilted Arming Cap is made of poly/cotton cap and is thickly lined with fiber fill. Quilted construction with a tie cord. Machine washable.
$22.50 $30.00

Crusader Helmet

$123.75 $165.00

Indo-Persian Helmet

This magnificent helmet is truly fit for a king. Manufactured of a beautiful antiqued 18 gauge brass, which is inlaid with an ornate middle easten pattern. The lavish nose guard is adjustable and the helmet comes complete with a camail of steel, which has been brass plated and antiqued to match. Fully adjustable liner and chip strap.

Leather Swordsman Greaves

$51.00 $68.00

Leather Swordsman Vambraces

These beautiful black vambraces are made from heavy grade leather and are easy and comfortable to wear all day long.
$31.50 $42.00

Lionheart Helmet

This royal all metal helm has been weathered and has an aged brass crown and rivets accenting it. Adjustable liner. Comes with a display stand which features the shield and coat-of-arms of Richard I.
$108.75 $225.00

Maciejowski Helmet

Also known as a barrel heaume, the Maciejowski Helm was the forerunner of what later would become the 14th century Great Helm. This reproduction has a protective cross over the face. An attached, adjustable cloth liner and chin strap are included. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts from solid 18 gauge steel.
$146.25 $195.00

Helmet of Castile

This 13th century helmet is made of 18 gauge steel and adorned in decorative brass. Padded adjustable liner with leather tie straps.
$142.50 $190.00