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Medieval Armor, Helmets & Shields offers a wide range of historical armor from the Medieval period. Find well researched helmets, greaves, vambraces and shields to outfit your army.

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Arming Cap, Quilted

The Quilted Arming Cap is made of poly/cotton cap and is thickly lined with fiber fill. Quilted construction with a tie cord. Machine washable.

Crusader Helmet


Crusader Wooden Shield

This solid shield is made of curved wood and covered in a white canvas with a red painted cross emblazoned on the front. Leather arm and shoulder straps.

Faux Mail Tunic and Coif Ensemble

These light-weighted mail ensembles are made of a poly-cotton with black cotton lining. Includes mail shirt, coif, and mantle. Available in Silver or Gold.

Fleur-de-lis Shield

$249.00 $349.00

Helmet of Castile

This 13th century helmet is made of 18 gauge steel and adorned in decorative brass. Padded adjustable liner with leather tie straps.

Knights Templar Shield

$249.00 $379.00