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Fantasy Axes, Knives & Daggers

You need fantasy weapons if you are going to war in a fantasy realm. Fists and conventional weapons can only do so much against inhumanly strong opponents who sometimes call upon magic to make things just a little bit harder. The burgeoning growth of the genre in books, movies, and TV has ensured that there is an array of weapons available of different shapes and sizes. For instance, check out Museum Replicas’ wonderful range of fantasy weapons. We have everything, from fantasy axes and hammers to fantasy knives and daggers.

The items in our collection may make you feel like you have superpowers, as fantasy weapons are meant to do. If you need something stealthy to fight off gate guards, try a mythical dagger perhaps? We have those too. If you are planning on ruling Asgard and are looking for a worthy weapon, we offer you Thor’s hammer (Two of them!). For those interested in something a little more earthly and barbaric, check out the licensed replica of the Thulsa Doom dagger from the 1982 movie Conan the Barbarian. Another fantastic product is the Death Dealer Axe from Frank Frazetta Collector Edition line. These are just some of the many amazing weapons we carry in our selection. There is so much more. Check them out for yourself, today!

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Raven Claw Fighting Knife

This fantasy fighting knife has a blackened blade, cast metal hilt and, metal and leather scabbard. Overall 19-1/2 inches.

Dragon Hunter Fantasy Axe

This fantasy Axe has a 1085 hand forged steel head, spike and socket. Genuine leather wrapped solid wood grip. Features steel spikes on mace pommel. Overall 31-1/2 inches.

Thulsa Doom Dagger

This dagger sports a 1055 high carbon body designed as two intertwining snakes, inspired by Thulsa Doom. Nickel-plated with antique finish. Wooden handle. Ships in a wooden display box. Overall length 15-1/2 inches.
$165.00 $195.00

Ancient Thor’s Hammer

This hammer features a solid aluminum head. Suede-wrapped handle. Suede lacing. Viking shield wall plaque included. Overall 21-1/2". Weighs 4 lbs/8 oz.
$89.00 $125.00

Aguilar's Book of Hidden Knives

This prop replica comes as a set of 3 unsharpened stainless steel knives. Comes in a faux leather 'journal' storage box. Overall 6-1/4 inches.

Orc Fantasy Axe

One of the most vicious warriors in the fantasy domains is the dreaded Orcs. These unstoppable fighters are as deadly as their weapons. Our Orc Axe is one such beast. Hand forged of darkened high-carbon steel, the axe face has been given a shredding edge. The handle is of tough, darkly stained wood with leather cord wrapping at the upper section and braided suede tassels hanging at the bottom. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Death Dealer Collector’s Edition Axe

From the Frank Frazetta Collector’s Edition, this Death Dealer Axe is hand forged by the master smiths in high carbon steel with a shaft custom lathed of genuine hardwood. Includes a Death Dealer shield wall display plaque and Certificate of Authenticity.

Assassin’s Kukri

The darkened, high-carbon steel blade of this Victorian Steampunk and kukri hybrid knife sports an extra-thick tang. Sure-grip, tough-cord-wrapped handle. Antique brass hardware. Includes a black matching scabbard with belt loops. Overall length 17 inches.