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Canes & Umbrellas

What better way to make your way through the busy market streets of history than with your trusty sword cane or sword umbrella! offers the only high carbon steel blades, concealed within accurate period canes and stylish umbrellas.

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Buffalo Horn Sword Cane

This sword cane comes with a fiberglass shaft finished in black, and a fully tempered, high-carbon steel blade with an elegant, conoured buffalo horn handle. Secured by a spring, button-lock mechanism and non-slip rubber tips. Overall length of 37-1/2 inches.

Fisted Spike Cane

This cane is made of strengthened aluminum and is powder-coated with a black finish. The sculpted cane head is molded in metal. A 14’’ long three-sided spike is hidden inside the shaft. Rubber, anti-skid tip included.

Gambler’s Sword Cane

This unique cane comprises of a strong aluminum shaft powder-coated in black with an anti-skid rubber foot. Features a hidden triangular blade and a small hidden pair of bone dice at the top. Spiral-carved black horn handle, and sterling silver-plated head, fittings.

Horseman’s Cane w/ Whip

This turn-of-the-century cane features a metal horse head plated in sterling silver and a shaft made of a sturdy aluminum covered in soft, black leather. A 26" forked leather whip concealed inside the shaft. Rubber foot.

Knob Sword Cane

Straight from Batman Begins, this sword cane comes with a fully-tempered, high-carbon full-length rapier blade. Secured by a spring, button-lock mechanism, non-slip rubber tip. Grip, shaft, and pommel head made of aluminum. Overall length of 36 inches.

Mace Cane

This 36" long Medieval Cane features a stout solid hardwood shaft with a heavy solid brass knob.

Majesty's Gold Plated Walking Cane

This 38-1/2" long cane has an exterior plated in 24-Karat gold. The shaft is made of Indian Rosewood. Rubber anti-slip cup on the base.

Majesty's Silver Plated Walking Cane

This cane features a silver plated exterior. The shaft is made of Indian Rosewood. Has a rubber anti-slip cup on the base.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Gambler’s Sword Cane

just came in and got it out of the box.  A little heavier than expected, but would not a thing about it!
Reviewed by: Michael, March 01, 2018

Review of: Mace Cane

Exceptional cane. As an older person its nice to know that this can not only support me as I walk, but it makes for great protection too.
Reviewed by: Randall, August 10, 2017

Review of: Horseman’s Cane w/ Whip

Great Quality. Beautiful Craftsmanship on Horse Head. Just a lovely piece overall !!! I love it !
Reviewed by: mark, September 03, 2016

Review of: Mace Cane

Every person needs a mace cane. Well made and had many useages.
Reviewed by: Phillip, December 10, 2015

Review of: Knob Sword Cane

You don't see full size blades on sword canes that often good steel needs sharpened but think I can do it great product
Reviewed by: Dan, August 31, 2015

Review of: Mace Cane

Reviewed by: Kevin, November 26, 2011

Review of: Buffalo Horn Sword Cane

Reviewed by: Dwyane, October 31, 2009

Review of: Buffalo Horn Sword Cane

Reviewed by: elias, August 02, 2009