Renaissance Swords & Rapiers

Renaissance swords were characterized by a compound hilt, narrow blade, and strong cross section. Their build made these swords ideal for the “cut and thrust” style and they were typically used by foot soldiers in the military. While it may be that Renaissance swords were generally lighter than their medieval counterparts, some big weapons were around too. For instance, the monstrous two-handed sword (e.g., the German Zweihander and the English Slaughter Sword) was historically a Renaissance weapon. Another popular sword was the rapier which featured a long and narrow blade and a hilt with a heavy cross-guard. The rapier was not used much in the military but gained a following among the civilians. They were later replaced by an even lighter weapon – the small-sword.

Museum Replicas offers an extensive line of authentic Renaissance swords that are made like the originals. Weapons in our selection are copied from museums and private collections around the world. They are durable and made with great detail by expert artisans. Further, we carry a range of Renaissance rapiers inspired by French, German and Italian styles of the period. For those seeking something different, we have basket hilt and bastard swords classy enough to make any sword aficionado drool. Check out the range and pick one for your sword collection or the next reenactment. It will make you proud.

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Renaissance Weapons

Renaissance weapons were not very different from medieval weaponsSwords and daggers were still widely used, even if they were more evolved than the war tools of the Dark Ages. Newer weapons that were to play a major role in later human history were entering the scene, such as firearms but they were not yet reliable. Cut and thrust swords were prominent in battles during the early Renaissance and giant two-handed swords like the Zweihander also saw action. Further, the rapier was fashionable among the civilians if not the military as a duelling weapon and status symbol.

Other weapons included the one-handed war axe and the two-handed battle axe, which were popular with the Celtic warriors. War hammers and maces were also favored. Another much-appreciated weapon was the pike, a long and narrow thrusting spear that could be up to 25 feet long. Then there was the dagger, such as the Continental main-gauche (off-handed dagger) which was a rage in England in the 16th century. Museum Replicas carries a fantastic range of these Renaissance weapons, including an array of daggers, stilettos, main gauches, war hammers, and maces. Each product in the selection is fashioned by the best craftsmen in the industry and contains excellent detail. They are perfect for the weapon collector or re-enactor.

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Mail, Armor & Shields

One of the earliest uses of metal protection was chain mail armor. The use of armor and mail continued through the Renaissance until the presence of gunpowder increased in the 16th century.

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Helmets, Greaves and Vambraces

Protecting oneself in battles was an absolute must. From the knight called upon to defend a kingdom to those jousting in times of peace, the need to defend oneself was essential. Museum Replicas carries an extensive line of body protection from the Renaissance period.

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Women's Renaissance Clothing & Accessories

Museum Replicas carries a wide variety of high-quality Renaissance clothing, costumes, and accessories. Made with high-quality fabrics, we pay attention to every detail, from the beautiful buttons to the hand-stitched trim. You will be sure to turn heads when wearing our authentic clothing!

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Men's Renaissance Clothing and Accessories carries a full line of high-quality Renaissance clothing, shoes and accessories for men. Our authentic shirts, tunics, and other costume accessories are affordable and comfortable - perfect for re-enactors and faire goers!

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Renaissance Hats, Caps and Crowns

Whether you are a civilian or a King, men were distinguished throughout history by the cap, hat or crown they wore. And, has one of the widest selection of Renaissance head wear on the web.

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An extensive Renaissance selection, including dresses, weapons, and accessories

Step into the enchanting world of the Renaissance era with Museum Replicas. Our meticulously curated collection offers a captivating glimpse into the art, culture, and fashion of this remarkable period, catering to history enthusiasts, reenactors, or anyone with an appreciation for Renaissance craftsmanship.

Explore our extensive range of authentic Renaissance clothing and costumes, painstakingly recreated to encompass the diverse spectrum of noble and peasant attire. These garments are perfect for historical reenactments, costume parties, or simply infusing a touch of Renaissance elegance into your everyday wardrobe.

For those intrigued by chivalry and warfare, our Renaissance weapons and armor are inspired by historical designs, seamlessly blending authenticity with modern materials for both safety and durability.

Elevate your living space with our Renaissance home decor, which includes exquisite tapestries featuring iconic artworks and intricately designed candleholders and furniture. These pieces offer a glimpse into the luxury of the Renaissance era.

To complete your Renaissance look, explore our array of accessories, including hats, jewelry, belts, and pouches, all thoughtfully designed to authentically complement your attire and transport you back to this captivating period.

For history enthusiasts and collectors, Museum Replicas offers Renaissance collectibles and replicas, ranging from period-accurate coins to meticulously crafted manuscripts and artwork. These items allow you to own a piece of history and connect with the spirit of the Renaissance.

At Museum Replicas, we are dedicated to preserving the essence of the Renaissance through our extensive collection of clothing, weapons, decor, accessories, and collectibles. Whether you are a genuine history lover, a passionate reenactor, or simply captivated by this remarkable era, immerse yourself in the elegance and bravery of the Renaissance by beginning your journey with us today.