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Necklaces, Chokers & Pendants carries stunning necklaces, chokers, and pendants. Perfect for historical reenactments, costumes, and everyday wear, you'll find Gothic, Celtic, Viking, Medieval, Pirate, and Renaissance!

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Lunaris Ankh Pewter Pendant

From Alchemy, this bronzed pewter pendant of the ancient ankh, amulet of eternal life, has its horizon formed by a mystical, silvery crescent moon, turning the symbol into a powerful device for the female deity.

The Confluence of Opposites Necklace

This pewter necklace from Alchemy depicts two intertwined, mirrored dragons, one black, one silver, with a transparent red enameled heart at the center. A red Swarovski teardrop crystal is suspended below.

Bushido Pewter Pendant

This miniature, pewter Japanese samurai sword is engraved in traditional katakana down the length of its blade with the seven virtues of Bushido: Integrity, Respect, Courage, Honor, Compassion, Honesty and Sincerity, and Loyalty and Duty.

Santiago Cross Pewter Pendant

This pewter pendant is in the shape of the Cross of St. James, also known as the Santiago Cross. The antiqued pewter cross pendant has a raised relief with fleurs-de-lis arms, a sword-pointed shaft, and a dark, round hematite cabochon at its center. It hangs from a 21" black trace chain.

Angel Wings Pendant

Epitomize your inner beauty with this elegant set of angel wings. Faux diamonds sparkle as you mingle with the less holy under moonlight or the flicker of candles.

Royal Crown Necklace

This expertly crafted mini-crown is bejeweled with faux rubies, diamonds, and emeralds.

Dark Queen Necklace

Lavish jewel-encrusted crosses have been worn on necklaces for centuries, but here's a steely version that's suitable for goth or other achromatic dress. The cross is crafted of dark gray metal festooned with simulated grey onyx that's faceted to create some serious shades of gray. The necklace is segmented with black, faceted beads. Looks good with black leather, too.

Jeweled Cross Choker

It takes abundant bling for jewelry to be noticed against royal brocades and velvets, and this choker is up to the task. Heavy chain anchors the showy but subdued, simulated pale topaz, a fleur-de-lis, a square cross, and a large brass cross. The cross features an array of faux rubies and yellow diamonds.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Wayfinder Viking Pendant

I am waiting for the right occasion to wear this talisman.  I have a belt buckle that matches it but it requires a special belt, which this does not.  When I honor my ancestry It will be a part of the costume.
Reviewed by: H., July 01, 2021

Review of: Kraken Pendant

Honestly, I was a little apprehensive about ordering this. But as soon as it arrived I couldn't wait to put it on, and I haven't really taken it off since!
It's much smaller than I was expecting it to be, which is perfect. It's just the right size to be visible and easily noticed with a low V-neck pirate shirt.
All of the detail is wonderful and the craftsmanship is superb. It really compliments the skull choker I usually wear.
Reviewed by: Stephen, October 23, 2020