New Products

Check out the newest products from MuseumReplicas.com!  Many are items not offered in our catalog.

Viking Thane’s Pouch

Everyone, be he noble or peasant, needed a pouch to carry their worldly treasures while traveling. This gorgeous leather and suede pouch will hold your possessions.

Grecian Warship Statue

From the mythological battles of Troy to the fleets of Athenian ships that controlled the Aegean, Greek sailing vessels played a huge part in shaping the ancient world. The attention to detail on this piece is incredible.

Wizard’s Study Trinket Box

Magical men abound throughout history. Wizards' spell books and amulets gave powers greater than mortal men. This trinket box encapsulates all of these magical icons into one piece.

Vampire Slayer Coffin Box

It looks like an ordinary coffin box, but lift the lid and you’ll find quite the arsenal. Everything you need for slaying vampires can be found inside.

Galileo Galilei Statue

Galileo Galilei was one of the greatest astronomers of history. This Italian physicist and engineer blazed the paths of scientists throughout the world for centuries.