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Last chance to purchase jewelry no longer carried in our catalogue. Find unique rings, necklaces and brooches online at

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"The Phantom" Ring of Good

This ring is expertly reproduced in a silver alloy and comes complete in a purple collector’s display box. Certificate of Authenticity included.
$34.50 $75.00

Agincourt Cross Pendant

This cross features six large sparkling crystals surrounded by smaller gems. Measures 2" x 1-1/2". Comes with 18" ringed chain with adjustable clasp.

Anne of Cleves Tudor Rose Pendant

This pendant is plated in 22 karat gold as is the matching 20" chain with clasp. Center set with a red Swarovski crystal. Measures 1-1/4"round.
$54.95 $89.95

Britannia Gem Ring

This ring features a deep blue rectangular Swarovski crystal set in a classic, Rococo pewter frame with lion's heads mounts. Made in England.

Captain Nemo Ring

This ring is shaped like a diver's helmet and made of fine pewter. Every little detail has been captured on this piece, down to the opening face plate.

Clear Stone Brooch

This antique style brooch features a center stone surrounded by shimmering crystals and a hanging pendant. Measures 1-3/4" x 3-1/4".

Crystal Cravat Pin Large

This pin features a large Swarovski crystal in the center surrounded by five stones. Locking clasp on the back. Pin measures 1-1/2" across.

Crystal Necklace & Earrings

This necklace and earring set features gorgeous sparkling stones. Earrings 2" long, necklace 9" front piece with a 9" chain.
$29.95 $44.95

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Victorian Brown Cameo Necklace

Ordered for my GF, she loves it, it's not too big, not too small, good quality (shadows on the portrait were a bit approximately made but meh, nevermind, she doesn't noticed it so it's ok) it's a 4/5 on this one !
Reviewed by: Alexandre, February 11, 2018

Review of: Wrist Chronambulator

I have to say, this watch works beautifully, and if wound regularly keeps perfect time.  Nice not to have to replace a battery, and simply remember to wind it until it stops (no further) every now and then, you'll have a watch to last for years.  It could even become an heirloom.  The strap shows only minor wear on the inside being worn almost 24/7, and is extremely comfortable.
Reviewed by: Jordan, February 11, 2018

Review of: Wrist Chronambulator

The Wrist Chronambulator far exceeded my expectations. You will be more than pleased with the exquisite detail in the cover. It is nice to have a time piece that does not take a battery.  I just wish it's strap was leather.
Reviewed by: Bruce T, July 27, 2017

Review of: Victorian Silver Cameo Necklace

This is a beautiful piece. I'm sure the young lady that will be receiving it will love it.
Reviewed by: ernest, April 30, 2017

Review of: Victorian Silver Cameo Necklace

This looks great on any lady!
Reviewed by: Michael, December 09, 2016

Review of: Stretch Octopus Ring

The adjustable band is great for comfort and the piece has more sparkle than the picture shows!
Reviewed by: Michael, December 09, 2016

Review of: Wrist Chronambulator

I was pleasantly surprised how curteous their staff was, how fast it arrived and how beautiful a piece it was. It looked simultaneosly dangerous and sophisticated. I shall be buying from them again.
Reviewed by: david, December 05, 2015

Review of: Wrist Chronambulator

Received the watch and I was quite impressed with it. It was a gift for my bf and he LOVED it. He's really into steampunk anything so this was a huge hit with him. Very pleased! It is much nicer in person!!
Reviewed by: Theresa, May 14, 2013

Review of: Wrist Chronambulator

It's even better in real life than it is in the photos. It's hard to believe it doesn't cost several times the price, but I for one am glad it doesn't!

I go to Faerieworlds in Oregon and FaerieCon in Washington. This is the perfect timepiece for wizards, Discworld characters, my superhero parody character The Tock and of course for airship and submarine captains.
Reviewed by: Richard, March 23, 2013

Review of: Steampunk Wrist Navitron

Oh, now this is a cool item. Nicely made and a nice fiddly gadget. Two things.
1) To the chap who asked if it worked - If you want a decent compass, see an army store. As long as there is sun, the dial will work. The compass does move and eventually gets there, but I saw this as more a 'prop' item. Things fold and unfold, but I certainly wouldn't use it in orienteering...I would use it at a Steampunk convention, gig or larp (where the rules make it 'work':)

2) I will add this before people rate this item low on a couple of points. When you first get the item, the sundial       doesn't flip - but a quick bend of the curved metal bit makes it work perfectly. The strap wont fit most wrists, but is a very simple job to create holes. A staple part of Steampunk - tinkering and fiddling with things. If things don't work at first, tinker - these are 'replicas' after all:)

I say! This review was longer than War and Peace...
Reviewed by: Jonathan, November 08, 2012