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Maces were crucial in the fight against an armored knight. Cheap to make and simple to use, they were used as a close contact weapon both on foot and horseback. Capable of delivering deadly blows, these bludgeoning weapons were primarily used by foot soldiers.

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British Bobby Replica Truncheon

Introduced in the 1800’s, the iconic British police night stick is still in use today. Our English Bobby Truncheon is a top quality reproduction made from an original. Comes with a cord lanyard. Overall 15 inches.

Early Norman Mace

This medieval mace has a solid cast steel head with multiple blunt spikes. Darkened, carved wooden shaft and steel butt cap with lanyard ring. Overall 21-1/2 inches.

German Mace

This arty circa 1550 replica is a functional eight bladed mace with a brushed finish. Overall 24 inches.

Bar Mace

This brutal circa 1300 replica mace is made from four bars of steel with a large steel pommel to help balance it. Wood and leather grip. Overall 28-1/2 inches.

16th Century Italian Mace

This excellent mace has 8 flanges and is made from steel which has a black rust-protective coating. Bottom of the shaft is wrapped in black leather for an improved grip. Overall 24 inches.

16th Century German Mace

This heavy mace has 8 flanges, made from steel that has a black, protective coating. Bottom half of the shaft is wrapped in black leather for an improved grip. Overall 24 inches.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: German Mace

Arrived quickly and was well packaged.  The mace itself seems solid, the welds are visible but not an eyesore.  I'm planning on doing aa leather wrap over the spiral wire wrap.  It's pretty but rough on the hands unless you're wearing gloves.  As far as durability goes, I haven't crushed my enemies before me yet nor heard the lamentations of their women.  At least there's something to look forward too !
Reviewed by: Peter, June 26, 2021

Review of: German Mace

I was a little disappointed with this one it’s much choppyer looking than in the picture  definitely wasn’t a clean weld I thought it would fall apart but I tested it out on a tree fairly hard and it held up  the other disappointment which is just a personal taste is that it’s crazy light  but it seems functional and I wish it was maybe $20 -40 dollars cheaper I’d say it’s worth it but if your a first time. Mace buyer it’s a good get
Reviewed by: Andrew, February 25, 2021

Review of: German Mace

Great mace - very impressive sitting on the shelf.  Feels reasonably sturdy, although I'm sure you'd damage it smashing it into concrete or doing a Forged in Fire remake.  They did a good job of cutting the plates which went into the macehead, although the welding could have been better.  Good job!
Reviewed by: Michael, December 23, 2020

Review of: German Mace

This mace is a beautiful piece that fully met my expectations.  A truly great display item for one's collection.  I can understand why knights in armor could have feared such a weapon.
Reviewed by: Michel, November 07, 2020

Review of: Early Norman Mace

What a great mace! Feels solid in the hand and definitely functional. The grip is also comfortable and the hardwood shaft is sturdy. Recommended!
Reviewed by: Robert, May 10, 2020

Review of: German Mace

I had been looking at this piece for a while and finally picked it up. It surpassed all my expectations. What an impressive mace! The pictures do not do it justice. The head on this seems much more intimidating in person. Very happy with this one.
Reviewed by: Dan, October 17, 2019

Review of: Early Norman Mace

Fantastic!! Light weight, but sturdy and solid. Can definitely do some damage!
Reviewed by: Donald, February 01, 2017

Review of: Early Norman Mace

Love it
Reviewed by: Carlos, January 28, 2017

Review of: Early Norman Mace

This little knee knocker is delightful.  The woodwork is high quality "HARD" wood, not some pine dowel.  The cast head is good solid piece with a nice patina giving it an antique appearance.
Reviewed by: Phillip, July 29, 2016

Review of: Bar Mace

Reviewed by: B L, July 17, 2009