Blunt Weaponry

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Fisted War Hammer

This war hammer features an all-steel head sporting both a flat-headed hammer and a deadly 5” spike. The shaft is a rustic-looking American Hickory hardwood. Battle-worn antique finish.

British Bobby Replica Truncheon

Introduced in the 1800’s, the iconic British police night stick is still in use today. Our English Bobby Truncheon is a top quality reproduction made from an original. Comes with a cord lanyard. Overall 15 inches.

Early Norman Mace

This medieval mace has a solid cast steel head with multiple blunt spikes. Darkened, carved wooden shaft and steel butt cap with lanyard ring. Overall 21-1/2 inches.

German Mace

This circa 1550 replica is a functional eight bladed mace with a brushed finish. Overall 24 inches.

Heavy War Hammer

This hammer features steel langets which help to guard the shaft and secure the head to the hardwood shaft. Overall 23". Weighs 2-3/4 lbs.

War Hammer with Spike

This hammer features a large end spike and small spikes on the sides. The head is attached with steel langets to the hardwood hickory shaft which is also studded for a secure grip. Overall 26-1/2”. Weighs 2 lbs/4 oz.

Late Period War Hammer

This all-steel war hammer features a strong, tough spike that balances off the wide faced hammerhead. Cord-wrapped grip. Length 23-1/4". Weighs 3 lbs/4 oz.

German War Hammer

This medieval hammer is replicated from an example in the German National Museum in Nuremberg. The steel head is secured to the hickory shaft with steel langets. Overall 21-1/2". Weighs 2 lbs.

These versatile close combat weapons were capable of inflicting significant injury to an armored knight. They relied on the user’s strength and weight of the weapon to deliver blunt force trauma to their target.

Maces were crucial in the fight against an armored knight. Cheap to make and simple to use, they were used as a close contact weapon both on foot and horseback. Capable of delivering deadly blows, these bludgeoning weapons were primarily used by foot soldiers.

War hammers were mostly used in the late Middle Ages, they were used against mounted opponents or used in close combat, depending on the length of the handle. The spiked end of a hammer could pierce armor as well as be used to grab the reins of the horse.

Museum Replicas offers a great selection of these versatile weapons of choice used in the hand-to-hand combat of the mounted knight.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Early Norman Mace

5 stars, a well made surprising light and nimble clubbing weapon.  The head is well made, wood is strong, and I like the finger grooves in the handle for more secure grip!  Ideal length and balance.  A great addition to my modest collection and I'm glad I bought it.  Thank you MR and Windlass!
Reviewed by: Ryan, January 26, 2024

Review of: Early Norman Mace

Shattered a piece of wood with this thing on the first day. Accidently dropped on my shoulder and still feel it 30 minutes later.
Reviewed by: Ismail, December 02, 2023

Review of: Fisted War Hammer

There are not many replicas of this weapon on the market. Quite rare. I was glad to be able to find one. This replica is very well made. the head seems made of an alloy of cast metals and not of forged steel. I wouldn't risk hitting anything with it. Otherwise it is a very nice piece for display. The patterns on the handle are very original and it's still a pretty impressive weapon when you have it in your hands.
Reviewed by: Philippe, July 20, 2022

Review of: Early Norman Mace

This is my current favorite. Really well done. I haven't smashed anything with it yet but just lightly dropping it on my palm or thigh I can tell I wouldn't want be on the receiving end of this little beasty! Really nice construction. The head appears to be attached with a friction fit and rivet. There is a lanyard ring installed in the steel buttcap. Solid handle. The head is  nicely  antiqued and decorated. I LOVE THE KNOBBY LITTLE SPIKES. They are not going to break or bend like those cheap maces with really sharp looking, screw in chrome plated brass spikes. I keep mine by the nightstand for a "just incase moment". Ha ha! Really nice solid piece. LOVE IT!
Reviewed by: Jeffery, September 26, 2021

Review of: Fisted War Hammer

I don't know if this hammer is a limited run or not, But I would definitely recommend this unit here. The handle feels and looks amazing with the rough hewn texture.  
The weight of the cast fist makes the swing effortless.
Reviewed by: Christopher, August 24, 2020

Review of: Early Norman Mace

What a great mace! Feels solid in the hand and definitely functional. The grip is also comfortable and the hardwood shaft is sturdy. Recommended!
Reviewed by: Robert, May 10, 2020

Review of: Fisted War Hammer

Even better in person. Massive piece. Looks just like the pictures & is high quality.
Reviewed by: guy, September 28, 2017

Review of: Early Norman Mace

Fantastic!! Light weight, but sturdy and solid. Can definitely do some damage!
Reviewed by: Donald, February 01, 2017

Review of: Early Norman Mace

Love it
Reviewed by: Carlos, January 28, 2017

Review of: Early Norman Mace

This little knee knocker is delightful.  The woodwork is high quality "HARD" wood, not some pine dowel.  The cast head is good solid piece with a nice patina giving it an antique appearance.
Reviewed by: Phillip, July 29, 2016