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Tyr & the Biding of Ferir Statue

Another of All-Father Odin’s rambunctious boys, Tyr is the invincible warrior of the Nordic pantheon. This expertly sculpted statue has hand-painted accents that help reveal the wonderful detail.

Norse Goddess Freya Statue

A beautiful sculpture of Norse goddess Freya (or “Freyja” in old Norse).

Mini Medieval Armored Knight w/ Lion Shield

Miniature in stature, mighty in heart! This rustically finished knight is small enough to add to your desk or bookshelf without taking up a lot of space.

Lord of the Rings: Sauron Helmet Half Scale Replica

This is a scale reproduction of the actor-scale filming prop built by the film’s production team. Meticulously recreated using an original movie prop casting for reference. This half-scale polyresin replica is 15 1/2” tall. It features weathered intaglio-etched surface sculpting and blackened sleek coloring that precisely matches the original movie prop.

Viking Longship Model

This model is constructed of cold-cast resin and hand-painted. Includes stand for both desktop or tabletop display. A great item to add to any collection.

Napoleon Bonaparte Statue

This cold-cast bronze statue is taken from the famous painting "Bonaparte Crossing the Great St. Bernard Pass". It depicts Napoleon astride a rearing horse, his gloveless hand pointing to the unseen summit.

Herne the Hunter Statue

Herne the Hunter has been immortalized in this cold-cast bronze resin statue. Herne was one of King Richard II's huntsman. Fatally wounded while saving King Richard II during a hunt, he was miraculously brought back to life by the Wizard Urwick, who later bound Herne's soul together with the forest. From that time forward, the antler-headed Herne is said to lead his spectral hunt through Windsor Forest for eternity.

"Guarding the Nest" Dragon Sculpture with Glowing Egg

A dragon sculpture that lights up the night - without breathing fire! A fierce mother dragon guards her precious egg against two youngish interlopers, and we're guessing they don't have much of a chance. Since dragon eggs are magic, they obviously glow. Thanks to an LED bulb, the scaled egg glows and even changes colors: red, purple, blue, and green. The statue is made with cold cast resin and hand stained to bring out the details. Light requires two AA batteries (not included).

Spruce up your living space with medieval and fantasy themed statues and figurines. Dragon and gargoyle statues are a great way to ward off evil spirits, and skulls will bring in the eerie! Statues of mythology will appeal to those who count Norse and other gods as their favorite figures in history, while Knights, Viking and Pirate statues are the perfect representation of some of the fiercest warriors in history. No matter which one you choose, our statues, sculptures and figurines make great conversation pieces for your home

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Review of: Excalibur Letter Opener Statue

An excellent desk decoration as well as an incredibly functional letter opener. I love this thing.
Reviewed by: Jake, September 09, 2023