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Statues & Sculptures

Spruce up your living space with medieval and fantasy themed statues and figurines. Dragon and gargoyle statues are a great way to ward off evil spirits, and skulls will bring in the eerie! Statues of mythology will appeal to those who count Norse and other gods as their favorite figures in history, while Knights, Viking and Pirate statues are the perfect representation of some of the fiercest warriors in history. No matter which one you choose, our statues, sculptures and figurines make great conversation pieces for your home

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"Guarding the Nest" Dragon Sculpture with Glowing Egg

A dragon sculpture that lights up the night - without breathing fire! A fierce mother dragon guards her precious egg against two youngish interlopers, and we're guessing they don't have much of a chance. Since dragon eggs are magic, they obviously glow. Thanks to an LED bulb, the scaled egg glows and even changes colors: red, purple, blue, and green. The statue is made with cold cast resin and hand stained to bring out the details. Light requires two AA batteries (not included).

Mini Viking Warriors

Harald Minitooth, Erik Miniaxe...we'll let you name the third one! Put these on the prow of your desk or shelf and conquer! Each cold cast resin figure is hand painted with exquisite detail, and they even have hair! Real Viking hair? Sorry, we're sworn to secrecy! Each stands roughly 3-1/2" tall.

Boneyard Skull of Skulls

If you can't get enough skulls, this might help! We didn't have time to count all the little skulls that comprise this ghoulish curio; one of us suggested we count all the teeth and now they're not one of us. But rest assured, there are more than a few, along with ribs, femurs, and spines. This roughly 3/4 scale skull is cold cast in resin and hand stained to bring out every smidgin of detail.

Voodoo Skull

This life-size skull is the substrate for a variety of symbols, including ram's horns, snakes, stars, and what appear to be Nordic runes. Made of cold cast resin and stained to bring out the detail. Felt pad on the bottom.

Templar Skull

Made of cold cast resin in high relief, this skull is roughly 3/4 scale and is hand stained to enhance the eye-popping detail. Adorned with roses, rampant lions, a fleur-de-lis, and of course, multiple crosses, one of which prominently frames the upper face. This intricate sculpture is a fascinating symbol of courage, new life, and devotion to a higher ideal. Felt bottom to prevent furniture damage

Poe's Raven Skull

Edgar Allen Poe's symbol of eternal mournfulness sits atop a skull that sits atop a stack of books. It's easy to admire the expertly crafted, hand-painted sculpting; it's maddeningly (sorry, we feel obligated to get that in the description somewhere) detailed. A perfectly dark and foreboding addition to your reading room. Cold cast resin, designed in England to give a poetic voice to the Raven...Nevermore.

Little Round Knights Set

Chivalrous whimsy to the rescue! Put these guys on your desk and allow their humorous valor to wrest the day from the daily dragons of existence. Each stands a menacing 3" tall (approximate). Hand-painted cold cast resin.

Thor Bust

Finally, here's Thor depicted in Berserker mode! Did Loki steal his ale, or worse, turn his ale into a sports drink?

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Templar Knight Skull

A beautiful addition to my wife's collection of decorative skulls; it looks just good as the pictures!
Reviewed by: Shannon, October 24, 2021

Review of: Ninny Knights Set of 4

Very cute action figures.
Reviewed by: Tyrone, January 08, 2021

Review of: Alexander the Great Statue

The quality is amazing and the price is affordable.
Reviewed by: ABEL, December 29, 2020