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Saurian Gazing Ball

Even the two dragons on this cool statue are in awe of the electric plasma orb. Turn on the switch and admire the shifting display of energy; touch the orb and watch the energy bolts follow your fingers.

Medieval Motivation Mini Dragons

Conquer your fears the medieval way with this desktop motivational set. This set of four little (but still mighty!) dragons offer up inspirational words to budding young nobles and procrastinators alike.

Silent Sentinel Dragon Shelf Sitter

Guard your most precious tomes with this menacing little scaled sentinel. Put the Silent Sentinel Dragon Shelf Sitter on a bookshelf, the edge of a desk, a nightstand - anywhere that needs some dragon mojo.

Seven Deadly Sins Mini Gargoyle Set

Gargoyles tend to look evil even at rest, so they make perfect personifications of the seven eternal stumbling blocks. Gothic splendor was never like this! Each little grotesquely cute figure is full of emotion and “life” and a reminder of how not to be in life.

Skull Lithophane Night Light

Lithophanes are 3-dimensional reliefs that are visible through illumination. This intricately designed Candy Skull is great for Dia de Los Muertos collectors, Halloween, and anyone that likes a cool design!

Tree of Life Lithophane Night Light

The iconic Tree of Life is depicted with a simple beauty in the translucent porcelain of this lithophane night light. The soothing warm light creates a peaceful and ethereal ambiance.

Celtic Cross Lithophane Night Light

This porcelain panel Celtic Cross lithophane night has a soothing warm light emits creates a peaceful and ethereal ambiance. The intricate Celtic design is beautiful both on and off, as the carving is so pronounced.

Fleur-de-Lis Lithophane Night Light

The porcelain panel of this Fleur De Lis lithophane night light is gently curved, which allows it to wrap around the bulb so the bulb is not as visible from the side, as it is with flat night lights. A beautiful symbol that has been used in heraldry, it also symbolizes purity, light, and life.

Your castle deserves to be decorated in style. carries medieval and Renaissance themed accents for the home.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Forged Iron Dice Set

These are fantastic. I gave them to my son who loved them.
Reviewed by: Dana, December 24, 2020

Review of: Viking Rune Casting Stones Set

These obsidian stone runes are really quite fabulous.  I consult them daily and compare with my Galaxy Runes app on my phone.  Really nice set of stones to have.
Reviewed by: Slake, June 15, 2020

Review of: Viking Rune Casting Stones Set

Purchased these for our pagan daughter she loves them so much so that another set miraculously appeared in my wife's Christmas stocking as well. They look very authentic,  just wish the bag had been available in leather instead of the faux velvet. Nice stocking filler though
Reviewed by: Peter, June 15, 2020