Hanwei/ Tinker Sharp Longsword

Manufacturer part number: SH2394

Designed by Michael "Tinker" Pearce, the sharpened Hanwei/Tinker Longsword gives martial artists a fast, well-balanced sword that will perform beautifully in skilled hands.
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This is a well-balanced sword with a semi-fullered sharp blade, providing the necessary stiffness for the cutting stroke. Based on the Oakeshott Type XVIIIa with a scent stopper pommel.

Sean Hayes, the Maestro d`armi of the Northwest Fencing Academy at the University of Oregon had this to say about the Hanwei/Tinker Longsword: "I had the opportunity to handle the prototype Tinker Pearce Line Longswords by CAS/Hanwei, and they are beautiful, well-balanced, quick-handling swords at an excellent price. The sharp and blunt versions handle almost identically in cuts, thrusts, and quick posta (guard) transitions. These promise to be the mid-priced training weapon of choice for longsword studies."

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length47"
Blade Length35"
Blade Width2-1/4"
Weight2 lbs / 14 oz
Point of Balance3-1/2"
Material5160 Carbon Steel


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