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Leather Pouch w/ Shoulder Strap

Medieval, Renaissance, Viking, even the American frontier, here’s a handy versatile bag that works with just about any period costume you can throw at it. Generously sized for currency, food, small first aid kits, personal care items and such.

Low Suede Boots without Fringe

These suede boots have a 1/8" thick cushioned insole. They have a comfortable rubber sole so you can wear them all day long. Brown or Black, sizes 8-13.
$69.95 $44.95

Low Suede Boots with Fringe

These suede boots with fringe have a 1/8" thick cushioned insole. They have a comfortable rubber sole so you can wear them all day long. Brown or Black, sizes 8-13.
$69.95 $49.95

Pleated Front Dress Shirt

This authentic Civil War shirt is made from premium cotton with a round, fold down collar and pleated front.

Tall Boots without Fringe

Available in brown or black, these Minnetonka tall lace-up men's boots are cut from the best glove-tanned leathers and have an all-suede finish. Perfect for faires, medieval, and frontier outfits.

Tall Boots with Fringe

Available in brown or black, these tall lace up men's fringed boots are crafted from high-quality glove-tanned leathers and come with an all-suede finish. For medieval and Renaissance faires, frontier outfits, or just plain comfort.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Low Suede Boots without Fringe

Beautiful boots.  Well made and comfortable.  Will look great with the rest of my viking costume.
Reviewed by: Donald, May 13, 2023

Review of: Tall Boots without Fringe

These tall - and to my mind gorgeously sleek - lace-up moccasins fit true to size (sufficient toe space) and quite snugly too, so if you have broad-ish feet these boots may not necessarily be for you. These boots are well put together and the slender natural rubber soles provide ample grip and a wonderfully tactile walking experience. My one and only criticism is the original leather laces that come supplied with these boots. These laces are a tad on the flimsy side and they snap pretty easily. I already replaced mine with something rather more sturdy. These tall lace-up mocs (mine are brown in US size 9) have quickly become part of my everyday attire and I prefer wearing them with my kilt or a pair of 501 jeans.
Reviewed by: Eric, January 11, 2022

Review of: Tall Boots without Fringe

I normally take a 8 1/2 wide in boots. Ordered a 9 in these and was a little nervous after reading the sizing issues in the other reviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived and fit comfortably.
Reviewed by: James, October 29, 2021

Review of: Tall Boots without Fringe

I stand 6'0" and don't take a size 11 in anything.  But that's what I ordered thinking that wherever these are made, they're not going to be true to size.
I have plenty of room in the toe.  The left boot fits tolerably tight, the right one intolerably tight.  In fact, someone needs to tell the factory in the Dominican Republic that when footwear sizes increase in length, the width increases as well as does the SOLE of the item.  The soles on these are way too undersized and narrow to be comfortable.  But they are lacta heavea (natural rubber) and that's a plus, although they are impossibly thin as a sole should be a lot thicker.  

These are marked as size Men's 11, but they fit wicked narrow like a size 11-A (or more like the width of a men's size 9 1/2 D shoe).  I want the pair below, that size 13 that was too big for that guy.
Reviewed by: Matty, December 26, 2020

Review of: Tall Boots without Fringe

Soles a little narrow for a large, size 12 foot but wearable. Length is good,
Reviewed by: david, February 16, 2019

Review of: Tall Boots without Fringe

I've had my boots for almost 20 years and I have been amazed at how well they have stood up. While I don't wear them but for Halloween or the odd medieval festival I have logged a lot of miles both on urban and rural terrain and they've never bothered me once. I have had ONE string break but that was after the horse I was on decided to brush by a thicket which snagged a lace. I always have lots of slack to the laces when putting them on or taking them off, tightening them from the bottom laces up so as not to stress the lace or eyelets.  They've been one of the better buys I've made from MR, and one I would happily do again when replacements are required.
Reviewed by: Quinn, September 09, 2018

Review of: Tall Boots without Fringe

For the price we paid this was well worth it.  Love them
Reviewed by: angela, February 29, 2016

Review of: Tall Boots without Fringe

I got my black hig boots without fringr this afternoon. First off, I really liked the fact that the "tongue" is sewn to the edges of the boot opening, so that it isn't able to move after extended wear. Second, the overall construction of the boots appears to be very sturdy, allowing for rugged SCA/LARP/Ren faire activities. But best of all, they are SO comfortable! I feel confident that I could wear these all day with no worries at all. Thanks for a great pair of boots!
Reviewed by: Matthew, October 12, 2012

Review of: Tall Boots without Fringe

Got these a while ago and are still great.  the lace snapped but not to short so it is still tie-able.  I should Probably replace it.
Reviewed by: kevin, February 05, 2011

Review of: Tall Boots without Fringe

very comfortable, the black ones go great with any barbarian outfit.
Reviewed by: Daniel, December 18, 2008