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Steampunk Weapons

Whether you want safe LARP weapons or real steel swords, has a large variety of steampunk weapons for your unique persona.

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Airship Captain’s Katana

The blade of this steampunk katana has been forged of 1065 high carbon steel. Features tsuba made of real steel gears and suede-wrapped grip. You’ll also find a fully-functional compass upon opening the buttcap! Antique brass scabbard included. Overall length of 39 inches.

Airship Pirate Axe - Latex

$29.00 $79.00

Annialator Mk II Steampunk Weapon

This steampunk resin gun comes with an antiqued period metal like finish and finely detailed parts.

Archangel Iron Horse Axe - Latex

$49.00 $125.00

Black Powder Revolver

This replica brass revolver has barrels that rotate. The butt has a brass eagle head. Non-firing.

British Bobby Replica Truncheon

Introduced in the 1800’s, the iconic British police night stick is still in use today. Our English Bobby Truncheon is a top quality reproduction made from an original.

Buffalo Horn Sword Cane

This dependable, real sword cane has spring, button-lock mechanism to secure the blade. Buffalo horn handle. Fiberglass shaft with a black finish. Non-slip rubber tips. Fully tempered, high carbon steel blades.