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Steampunk Weapons

Whether you want safe LARP weapons or real steel swords, has a large variety of steampunk weapons for your unique persona.

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Airship Pirate Axe - Latex

This Steampunk pirate axe is made of quality latex. Perfect for LARP and other forms of action play. Overall: 33".
$28.95 $79.00

British Bobby Replica Truncheon

Introduced in the 1800’s, the iconic British police night stick is still in use today. Our English Bobby Truncheon is a top quality reproduction made from an original. Comes with a cord lanyard. Overall 15 inches.

Captain Nemo Pistol w/ Stand

This steampunk pistol has been painted to look antique brass and silver. Includes a matching base. Base with gun measures 14-1/2" x10-1/2".

Double Barrel Sawed-Off Shotgun

This all-metal replica features stained hardwood stocks, working parts with a black finish. A detailed piece. Overall 21-1/2".

Double Barrel Shotgun

This all-metal replica features stained hardwood stocks, working parts with a black finish. Very nice details. Overall 35".

Gambler’s Sword Cane

This unique cane comprises of a strong aluminum shaft powder-coated in black with an anti-skid rubber foot. Features a hidden triangular blade and a small hidden pair of bone dice at the top. Spiral-carved black horn handle, and sterling silver-plated head, fittings.

Le Mat Pistol

This non-firing revolver features working single action loading lever and simulated checkered ebony wood grips. Overall 14-1/2"". Weighs 3.6 lbs.

London Hand Blaster with Stand

This full-size London Hand Blaster is made of resin. Hand painted and detailed. Includes a steampunk tabletop display stand painted to look like bronze. Measures 8-3/4"" x 7-1/4"".

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: On Her Majesty’s Service Sword Cane

This is a well made, great looking, functional walking cane. The blade is clean, etched, and not sharp. Very pleased with this. Worth the wait.
Reviewed by: Kenneth, March 23, 2018

Review of: Gambler’s Sword Cane

just came in and got it out of the box.  A little heavier than expected, but would not a thing about it!
Reviewed by: Michael, March 01, 2018

Review of: Liberator Mk. III Steampunk Weapon

Sturdy and heavy. Love the looks of it. I had been under the impression that the stand didn't come with the purchase, but apparently it did. Quite pleased.
Reviewed by: Albert, September 28, 2017

Review of: Black Powder Revolver

As it was stated in other reviews, it is a bit heavy and had to tighten a couple loose screws, but the overall workmanship is beautiful!It is a solid piece and I have already gotten oohs and awes from my friends!
Reviewed by: Alyn, March 27, 2017

Review of: On Her Majesty’s Service Sword Cane

Nicely made product, nicely presented in an attractive box with plenty of safe packing precautions taken. Not sure why the packing said it was glass other than to give a false sense of delicacy required... I do recommend this item.
Reviewed by: Robert, March 13, 2017

Review of: Black Powder Revolver

Very unique style of historic replica. Originally I saw this style when I was in Spain in January, I then decided I would like to have one but the price there is about double that of the price here.
The gun feels right and looks good and appears to be well made and it turns out that is made in Spain- go figure.
Reviewed by: Iver, March 10, 2017

Review of: On Her Majesty’s Service Sword Cane

Serious koolosity!!! Magnificent detail, fit and finish. I've seen complaints about not being sharp...These people do realize that historically usually only the last couple of inches near the point were sharpened , anyway, right? The extremely narrow bade was left relatively thick to strengthen the blade.This iteration is made strong enough for use as an actual cane and sturdy enough for a weapon. Good job!
Reviewed by: Stephen, February 06, 2017

Review of: Airship Captain’s Katana

Words cannot describe how epic this katana is.  It needs to be bought NOW if you are unsure!
Reviewed by: Joseph, December 24, 2016

Review of: Airship Pirate Axe - Latex

It's far cooler looking and more detailed in person than in the pictures.
Reviewed by: Patrick, August 14, 2016

Review of: On Her Majesty’s Service Sword Cane

Very beautiful.  My husband loves it
Reviewed by: Brandel, April 17, 2016