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Greaves & Leg Armor

The lower legs were vulnerable in battle from attack by both weapons and often by kicking.  Protection ranged from bronze leg coverings in ancient times to the fully articulated plate armor of the Middle Ages.  

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Dragon King Leather Greaves

This pair of Greaves is made from three-dimensionally shaped leather. Features three rows of handcrafted leather scales affixed to a thicker leather backing. Highly adjustable.

Elven Green Leather Greaves

These greaves are crafted from fine, heavy leather with adjustable straps and buckles. Features a trio of layered leather plates.

Elven Leaf Leather Greaves

This armor measures 14’’ in length and is hand-crafted from medium weight 7/8 Oz leather. Secured with strap and buckle.

Knightly 3/4 Leather Upper Leg Armour

This hand-crafted armour is a combination of leather cuisses and leather poleyns to protect your thighs and knees. Features several leather plates. Secures with two straps and buckles.

Leather Greaves

These greaves are made of heavy grade leather. Feature lace-up closure and brass studs. Matching Leather Vambraces also available. 

Leather Swordsman Greaves

These greaves are made of heavy grade leather. Features a lace up closure in the back. Matching Leather Swordsman Vambraces also available. 

Roman Commander Greaves

These 15-1/2" long detailed greaves are handcrafted from steel and have an antique brass finish. Lined in suede with thick leather thong lacing.  

Steel Roman Greaves

This replica steel greaves are made of 18 gauge steel and are based on patterns pictured in the reliefs on Trajan's Column in Rome. Feature an articulated knee piece for extra protection.