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Samurai & Asian Swords

You cannot talk about Japanese history without mentioning the elite Samurai Warrior. Experts at fighting both on horseback and the ground, the Samurai lived by a strict code of ethics. Instilled with "freedom from fear", they trained rigidly and were considered an aristocratic warrior class.

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Ryumon Raijin God of Thunder Katana

This katana has a blade made of 1060 high carbon steel. Features genuine Japanese silk-wrapped handle, red copper tsuba, and a stunning saya. Overall length of 41 inches.

Airship Captain’s Katana

The blade of this steampunk katana has been forged of 1065 high carbon steel. Features tsuba made of real steel gears and suede-wrapped grip. You’ll also find a fully-functional compass upon opening the buttcap! Antique brass scabbard included. Overall length of 39 inches.

Damascus Battle Sword of the Han Dynasty

This sword has a Damascus steel blade with a dragon and Chinese writing etched into it. Features elaborate hilt and pommel. Palisander wood scabbard and ornate display box. Overall length of 34 inches.


This hand-forged Japanese blade is crafted of AISI 1060 high carbon steel. The mune (back of blade) and the ha (edge) is 45° Rockwell and 58° Rockwell respectively. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Made in a 2600-year-old swordmaking center. Overall length of 39-3/8 inches.

The Black Crane Damascus Katana

The razor sharp blade of this Katana sword is hand-forged Damascus steel. Handle has genuine ray skin, wrapped with black, Japanese purpose silk. Overall 39-1/4 inches.

Thunder God Damascus Katana

This blade is fashioned of 10 Fold Damascus steel. Features intricate carvings on solid metal parts, genuine rayskin-wrapped handle, and real hamon. Matching hand-carved wooden scabbard included. Overall length of 41 inches.

Man-at-Arms Chinese War Sword

This war sword has a 1055 carbon steel blued blade with a distinctive gun metal finish. Features black leather handle and leather scabbard with blued steel fittings. Overall length of 38 inches.

Ryumon Dragon Katana

This katana exhibits a hand-forged 1065 high carbon steel blade with a real hamon. Features genuine cotton-wrapped, rayskin handle; bronze tsuba; and an ornate saya. Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Overall length of 41-1/4 inches.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Damascus Battle Sword of the Han Dynasty

I researched tons of swords before arriving at this Han Dynasty Jian made by JS Sword.
This sword out of the box was very impressive. The guard, pommel, and the scabbard clip are handcrafted of lost wax brass with great detail. The blade came pre-oiled, rust free, and is of high carbon steel. The handle is braided/wrapped with waxed cotton which makes it waterproof and protects the wooden handle beneath from moisture/sweat as most waxed material is designed to do. The entire sword is one from blade tip to pommel absorbing shock from hits evenly. Solid sword indeed.

I’m lucky to get one from a reputable dealer like museum replicas where every other vendor was practically sold out or retailing for more than $300 which is fair considering the quality of this sword.

After receiving this sword i looked at the catalog included and did some research on the manufacturer since their was a lack of info online during my initial research, and it turns out they are one of the best forges in China. This sword is truly a gem!
Reviewed by: Chkbk, August 02, 2018

Review of: Thunder God Damascus Katana

The blade is so beautiful! It feels good in your hands, balanced and well manufactured. It looks amazing. Have I mentioned its beauty? Its Awesome.
Reviewed by: Norman, May 18, 2017

Review of: Damascus Battle Sword of the Han Dynasty

This sword is amazing. The quality and construction greatly exceeded my expectations. The scabbard is also very nice. I have several swords and daggers from Museum Replicas, and this may be the finest one yet.
Reviewed by: James, February 24, 2017

Review of: Airship Captain’s Katana

Words cannot describe how epic this katana is.  It needs to be bought NOW if you are unsure!
Reviewed by: Joseph, December 24, 2016

Review of: Damascus Battle Sword of the Han Dynasty

First sword I've gotten here, and the first sword I have gotten in a long time. First impression, I was impressed with the little box it came in. Very ornate, specially the wooden scabbard. The craftsman ship certainly shows in the Damascus blade. Very solid feel and I like the small cleaning kit that comes with it. It also came with a small book full of other blades. I hope they stock these too! Thanks for the great blade museum! I will definitely be coming back, now that I'm getting back into sword collecting.
Reviewed by: Corey, June 14, 2016

Review of: Damascus Battle Sword of the Han Dynasty

This thing is a beauty. Comes with a fancy looking, admittedly cheap, case and some old fashion oiling and polishing products in a fancy looking, admittedly cheap, wooden box, and it even has some manuals on how to maintain, clean/polish your sword. It has more bells and whistles as most Museum Replica swords, its scabard is also much nicer then the simple (but very functional!) leather scabbard the Windlass steel crafts come in, its made of hard wood with a decorative belt clip made of sturdy metal. Its hard not to like this little beauty. Its pretty expensive and Id like it if it was a tad bit sharper, but all in all, great purchase! I hope MR stocks more Chinese swords from this seller, since this one comes with a manual of a whole bunch of other swords of the same company.
Reviewed by: James, July 14, 2015

Review of: Ryumon Raijin God of Thunder Katana

I received my Katana today and though I admire ancient weapons and craftsmanship, there is a true power and beauty in this fine weapon. This is an art piece to be treated with respect and admiration. I am honored to have such a fine example in my home.
Reviewed by: Brent, June 25, 2015