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Samurai & Asian Swords

You cannot talk about Japanese history without mentioning the elite Samurai Warrior. Experts at fighting both on horseback and the ground, the Samurai lived by a strict code of ethics. Instilled with "freedom from fear", they trained rigidly and were considered an aristocratic warrior class.

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Airship Captain’s Katana

The blade of this steampunk katana has been forged of 1065 high carbon steel. Features tsuba made of real steel gears and suede-wrapped grip. You’ll also find a fully-functional compass upon opening the buttcap! Antique brass scabbard included. Overall length of 39 inches.

Damascus Battle Sword of the Han Dynasty

This sword has a Damascus steel blade with a dragon and Chinese writing etched into it. Features elaborate hilt and pommel. Palisander wood scabbard and ornate display box. Overall length of 34 inches.

Gold Flower Damascus Katana

This elegant katana has a Damascus steel blade. Features grip with real rayskin; iron tsuba, kashira and menuki with black finish; and traditional wooden saya. Overall length of 41 inches.

Man-at-Arms Chinese War Sword

This war sword has a 1055 carbon steel blued blade with a distinctive gun metal finish. Features black leather handle and leather scabbard with blued steel fittings. Overall length of 38 inches.

Ryumon Dragon Katana

This katana exhibits a hand-forged 1065 high carbon steel blade with a real hamon. Features genuine cotton-wrapped, rayskin handle; bronze tsuba; and an ornate saya. Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Overall length of 41-1/4 inches.

Ryumon Raijin God of Thunder Katana

This katana has a blade made of 1060 high carbon steel. Features genuine Japanese silk-wrapped handle, red copper tsuba, and a stunning saya. Overall length of 41 inches.


This hand-forged Japanese blade is crafted of AISI 1060 high carbon steel. The mune (back of blade) and the ha (edge) is 45° Rockwell and 58° Rockwell respectively. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Made in a 2600-year-old swordmaking center. Overall length of 39-3/8 inches.

The Black Crane Damascus Katana

The razor sharp blade of this Katana sword is hand-forged Damascus steel. Handle has genuine ray skin, wrapped with black, Japanese purpose silk. Overall 39-1/4 inches.