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Last Chance Swords, Knives & Daggers

It's your last chance to purchase these unique swords, knives, and weapons  Here you will find overruns and older models that are no longer n production.

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Last Chance Axes and Hammers

Find historical axes and hammers no longer in production online at

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Last Chance Helmets, Armor & Shields

Find helmets, armor, gambesons & shields no longer in production.

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Last Chance Women's Clothing & Accessories

Spanning the Dark Ages to times of Pirates ruling the seven seas and even the Victorian era, you will be sure to turn heads with our authentic collection! Museum Replicas offers many of its discontinued and closeout Women's Clothing & Accessories here for sale.

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Last Chance Men's Clothing & Accessories

Get historical clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, spanning the ancient Classical Era, the Medieval period, the Age of Piracy, the Renaissance, and even the Victorian era.

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Last Chance Children's Clothing & Toys offers many of its discontinued Children's Costumes & Toys here for sale.

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Last Chance Home Décor & Gifts

Find closeout Home Decor & Accessories for sale, from statues and feastware to trinket boxes and journals, you'll decorate in style and save money too.

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Last Chance Jewelry

Last chance to purchase jewelry no longer carried in our catalogue. Find unique rings, necklaces and brooches online at

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The products in the categories below are closed out. Act fast, we won't be getting more and you'll find some great deals!

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Knights Templar Signet Ring

This ring is very similar to the Signet Ring designed and worn by Jacques De Molay, the last Grand Master.

I believe this is actually a replica of that ring.

This being said, it is made for a large man, which fortunately I am, so it fits great.

It is very heavy, comfortable, and commands authority.

All my brothers from my Temple love it, it is truly living history.
Reviewed by: Luke, July 21, 2022

Review of: Knights Templar Signet Ring

This ring is solid and EPIC.. Looks like it was plucked off a knight Templar
Reviewed by: Richard, January 04, 2022