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Dragon Scholars Miniature Trinket Box

Two young dragons have discovered the mystic’s study! One is obviously a scholar and uses a magnifying glass to scrutinize a book of metaphysics, while the other considers the mysterious tomes a good place to chill. But they are both delightful and bring a dose of whimsy to your desktop or dresser.

Dracos Seasoning Dragon Salt and Pepper Set

Here’s a spooky table accessory...a skull and an aggressive dragon dare you to take their salt and pepper. Two castle turrets hold the included shakers in place. Just remember to grab the shakers from the rear so you won’t get bitten or evil-eyed!

Do Not Disturb Dragon Trinket Box

Dragons have guarded untold hordes of treasure over the centuries and obliterated any hapless mortals who dared to try to take it. What better way to protect your precious trinkets? This masterful sculpture of a sleeping dragon resting comfortably on a stack of books conceals the fact that it actually opens to reveal a hidden compartment in which you can stash your valuables.

Medieval Motivation Mini Dragons

Conquer your fears the medieval way with this desktop motivational set. This set of four little (but still mighty!) dragons offer up inspirational words to budding young nobles and procrastinators alike.

Dragon Drink Coasters with Crouching Dragon Holder

Protect your manor’s fine surfaces with this high-quality coaster set featuring everybody’s favorite mystical creature. This set includes 4 ceramic coasters that feature black and metallic dragon and interlace designs on the front and have cork backings. They are stored in a curled-up, crouching dragon sculpted of durable cold-cast polyresin that’s hand-painted to resemble antique pewter.

Seven Deadly Sins Mini Gargoyle Set

Gargoyles tend to look evil even at rest, so they make perfect personifications of the seven eternal stumbling blocks. Gothic splendor was never like this! Each little grotesquely cute figure is full of emotion and “life” and a reminder of how not to be in life.

Herne the Hunter Statue

Herne the Hunter has been immortalized in this cold-cast bronze resin statue. Herne was one of King Richard II's huntsman. Fatally wounded while saving King Richard II during a hunt, he was miraculously brought back to life by the Wizard Urwick, who later bound Herne's soul together with the forest. From that time forward, the antler-headed Herne is said to lead his spectral hunt through Windsor Forest for eternity.

Dragon Crystal Gazing Ball

What critical premonition is hidden inside this crystal ball? It must be serious, or else a trio of dragons wouldn't guard it! The Dragon Gazing Ball glass orb rests in a cold cast resin base that has been bronzed, then given an antiqued finish. Dragons are finely detailed, and the pedestal is adorned with Celtic interlace.

Find historical Medieval flags, as well as statues, trinket boxes, and wall hangings from the historic age of chivalry, castles, and dragons. Perfect for home and office, you'll find gifts for knights of all ages.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Excalibur Letter Opener Statue

An excellent desk decoration as well as an incredibly functional letter opener. I love this thing.
Reviewed by: Jake, September 09, 2023

Review of: Knight and Dragon Salt and Pepper Shakers

My daughter has a dragon thing going, so she got quite a chuckle out of this little set.
Reviewed by: David, February 19, 2021

Review of: Ninny Knights Set of 4

Very cute action figures.
Reviewed by: Tyrone, January 08, 2021

Review of: Battle of the Crusaders Hinged Trinket Chest

Great item to have on my office desk.
Reviewed by: Phillip, June 13, 2020

Review of: Dragon Chest Trinket Box

I got this as a gift for my wife and she loves it. Fantastic quality and very nice detail on the whole piece!
Reviewed by: Lane, September 13, 2019