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Medieval Motivation Mini Dragons

Conquer your fears the medieval way with this desktop motivational set. This set of four little (but still mighty!) dragons offer up inspirational words to budding young nobles and procrastinators alike.

Knight Bookends

Who better to keep your bookshelf safe from disorder than a pair of knights? These regal figures steadfastly support your row of massive tomes. Each stands about 11" tall with an 8" long base.

Excalibur Letter Opener Statue

This beautiful resin statue of an arm rising from the deep waters holds a metal letter opener - the sword Excalibur. Perfect for fans of Camelot and medieval fantasy, this Lady of the Lake Sword Letter Opener makes a regal desktop accessory.

Scorpion Paperweight

A real black scorpion, in its most threatening pose! Encased in an acrylic cube that rests in a wooden "X" shaped stand. Comes in a gift box. Measures roughly 2" x 2".

Scorpion Yin-Yang Keychain Set

One for you, one for your complimentary force, er, significant other! Real bugs, perfectly preserved in all their stunning realism and attractively encased in jewelry quality red and black acrylic.

All Heart Paperweight

Here's something you might expect to find in an old curiosity shop - a display of hearts that lets you compare and marvel over nature's handiwork with animal engines. Comes in a gift box. Measures6-1/2" x 3" x 7/8"

King Arthur and the Sword In The Stone Letter Opener Statue

Immortalized in cold cast bronze resin, this King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone Letter Opener captures the moment young Arthur pulls the sword free. Arthur wears plate and mail armour and a cloak with knotwork trim flows back from his shoulders.

Metal Knightly Sallet Helmet Paperweight

This beautiful miniature pewter Knightly Sallet helmet makes a wonderful paperweight or decor for the home. Felt covered bottom for anti-scratching.
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Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Excalibur Letter Opener Statue

An excellent desk decoration as well as an incredibly functional letter opener. I love this thing.
Reviewed by: Jake, September 09, 2023