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Last Chance Swords, Knives & Daggers

It's your last chance to purchase these unique swords, knives, and weapons  Here you will find overruns and older models that are no longer n production.

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Midgard Knife

EDC like a Viking with this hardworking, dragon-infused sheath knife. A wide stalk tang ensures this 1075 high carbon steel blade will be strong enough to handle most everything you can throw at it. Skinning, cutting rope, and everyday tasks, this basic knife is versatile and tough.

Nordic Mora Fixed Blade Knife

This knife features a tough X46Cr13 high-grade stainless steel blade and famous Scandinavian bevel for a keen edge. Solid brass guard. The handle is bone and Sissoo. Overall 8 inches.

Battlecry Hattin Falchion

The Hattin offers a sharp front-loaded blade whose center of percussion is capable of tremendous cleaving blows and chopping strikes. Yet, its center of gravity is well-balanced enough for a quick center-of rotation that gives its curved point impressive play. It is a serious cutting blade not for the weak-of-heart or weak-of-arm. Whether noble knight or common man at arms, it’s a prime example of this lesser-known and under-appreciated European sword form.

Marto Sword of the Freemasons

This blade of this sword is crafted of 420 stainless steel and the hilt features several symbols of the Masonic tradition. Grip decorated with silver-plated metal. Overall length of 46 inches.

Medici Dagger

This ring dagger with an armor-piercing, 1055 high carbon steel blade has filigree work on the handle and scabbard. Large pommel and soft leather-wrapped grip. Overall 16-1/2 inches. Comes factory sharp.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Marto Sword of the Freemasons

This is definitely NOT the usual cheap sword made from China. The quality is superb! Never go wrong with this sword as a gift.
Reviewed by: Douglas, April 20, 2021

Review of: Nordic Mora Fixed Blade Knife

I bought this as a gift for my son.  Both knife and sheath are very attractive.  It is lighter than I expected. The price point was such that it would not bother me to see him use it for rough work.
Reviewed by: MIchael, February 18, 2021

Review of: Nordic Mora Fixed Blade Knife

I ordered this knife to be an addition to my pirate or Scottish Ren Fest garb, and I am not disappointed in the slightest. The knife and sheath are great and excellent quality for the price. A quick run on some sharpening steel and this thing is as fine as my best cheese knife. The small belt loop won't fit my pirate belt, but it's a great excuse to wear multiple belts when I go "full pirate" now.
My only real complaint - and it's incredibly minor! - is mine didn't come with the faux-fur-lined box. But honestly? I don't even know where I'd store the box if I had it. And I have an entire box already dedicated to my Ren Fest kit, so I don't even care.
It's a great little knife and fits perfectly with my "simpler is better" aesthetic for blades
Reviewed by: Stephen, October 23, 2020

Review of: Medici Dagger

Balance, beauty. It is blades like this that make collecting a welcome addiction. It is not a task taking the polish to this blade, its a respite from the worlds misery! Highly recommend!
Reviewed by: Thomas, June 16, 2020

Review of: Battlecry Hattin Falchion

It's hard to find a good reproduction falchion, especially at this price point. The Battlecry series in general is high quality and if you add in a servieable scabbard and a free sword frog it makes the overall value sky high. The weapon is blade forward as it should be and well constructed. The "machete style" blade is pretty unique as well. You would NOT want to get struck with this thing. Only the Battlecry war hammer and axe can compare.
Reviewed by: Jarod, April 20, 2020

Review of: Battlecry Hattin Falchion

Superb rendering of this historical weapon.  The scabbard is a little tight and does not easily render itself to drawing the weapon quickly but I expect this will resolve itself with use.
Reviewed by: Mike, November 28, 2019

Review of: Battlecry Hattin Falchion

Being a falchion one would expected the sword to be very blade heavy.  This is not the case with this sword. It is very light, maneuverable, and surprisingly well-balanced.  
I like how windlass chose to use a hexagon design for the handle. I find it very easy to get a secure and solid grip.
For the price range you can't find a better production Falchion.
If this sword happens to be the Deal of the Day. BUY IT!!! You will not regret it.
Reviewed by: Franco, August 31, 2019

Review of: Battlecry Hattin Falchion

This blade is beautiful!  The black parts have a varied pattern to it that makes it look like stone instead of metal.  It's well worth the money if this is the type of blade you're looking for!
Reviewed by: Lisa, January 24, 2019

Review of: Medici Dagger

I purchased this as a companion to the Brandenburg Rapier I bought a few years ago (which I love). But this is an absolutely beautiful dagger. The fittings are nicely decorated and well put together, and the blade fits in the scabbard perfectly. I am very pleased with it.
Reviewed by: Joel, June 02, 2017

Review of: Medici Dagger

I bought this sharpened from Museum Replicas at a discount (not a "Deal of the Day") as a partial adjustment for as less well made rapier.  The dagger is superb, and worth the offer price.  It weighs in at a hefty one pound with a heavy pommel that keeps the blade balanced and the tip raised when in a fighting stance.  The decorative throat and chape are matched by the same on the hilt and quillions.  It's worth remembering that this, like other Windless Steelcraft blades is a hand made weapon, and will not have the same look and feel of a mass produced blade.

A brief note about Museum Replica's customer service: In my view it's among the highest quality I've ever gotten when I've had other product issues.  I had posted a review about my dissatisfaction with another purchase and was contacted by a CSR the same day!  She noted my concerns and within a matter of hours she had proposed a remedy that, with very little negotiation, had my new acquisition on its way, and I received it within 24 hours!  Kudos to WS and MR for another fine product and superb customer support!
Reviewed by: Allen, June 15, 2016