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Show off your investments with our display stands and hangers. And your treasures will shine when treated with quality products designed for use on our line of weapons and armor.

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Pre Lim Paste

Pre-Lim is a paste designed for non-scratch stain removal, cleaning and freshening of many surfaces, especially metals and enamels. Produces a silky, smooth finish.

Flitz Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit

This knife, sword, and gun care kit offers polishing paste that works perfectly on metals, plastic and fiberglass surfaces. Also included is a12 x 12-inch absorbent micro-fiber cloth for easy application.


Windlass Rustblocker

This rust blocker cleans and offers corrosion protection. Perfect for metal products, including knives, swords, axes, firearms, or any metal part.

Universal Sword Hanger

This sword hanger is made from polished steel and features an adjustable bracket. Has a hole on the top for nail or screw.

Wooden Helmet Stand

This hardwood helmet stand is stained and features a sturdy round, beveled base. Accommodates helmets of most sizes.18-1/4" tall. Weighs 2 lbs/10 oz.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Flitz Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit

Everything you could ever want in one kit!
Reviewed by: Matthew, February 25, 2020

Review of: Flitz Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit

There is no better polish than Flitz. None.
Reviewed by: Marc, August 29, 2019

Review of: Flitz Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit

excellent product.  great on chrome. easy to use
Reviewed by: dan, August 22, 2019

Review of: Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish 200 ml

I'd used Boeshield T-9 as a rust blocker for many years and it was pretty good, but usually left a more liquid residue behind and was prone to eventually allowing rust on edges.

This wax goes on easy, dries very fast, and also adds a wonderful shine to my swords and knives. I've even started using it on some tools. It leaves very thin, dry finish and I think it will outlast other rust preventers I've used. I couldn't be happier with this wax. Can I give it six stars?
Reviewed by: David, February 23, 2019

Review of: Flitz Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit

The cloth is excellent, and the wax easy to apply.
Reviewed by: Adam, January 11, 2019

Review of: Flitz Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit

Love this care kit
Reviewed by: Leidy, September 12, 2018

Review of: Windlass Rustblocker

There are a lot of rust blockers, but this is a great option.  Grab a can (or two) to help you maintain the classic look of your steel-based products.
Reviewed by: Thomas, September 02, 2018

Review of: Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish 200 ml

I bought a tin of this stuff 25 years ago.  I'm still working out of it.  Unless you are a major museum, and the Henry Ford uses it, you may never use up one tin in a lifetime.  It works as advertised.
Reviewed by: Garry, January 06, 2018

Review of: Windlass Rustblocker

Works equally well on my swords and firearms and quite a pleasant aroma too!
Reviewed by: Jon, June 24, 2017

Review of: Windlass Rustblocker

Reviewed by: Norman, September 17, 2010