Legacy Arms

Legacy Arms leads the way in the affordable sword market creating tough, well-made items for the Medieval Sword enthusiast. All blades are tempered 5160 steel with a robust apple-seed edge. The hilt construction is typically in steel (passing the magnet test) unless noted and the grips are leather over wood. The tangs are peened over the pommel. The fit and finish of these swords from Legacy Arms is quite impressive, and would be at twice the price!

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Knight's Riding Sword

The blade of this sword is hand-forged from 5160 carbon steel and hand-tempered. The blade is then securely peened at the pommel. The handle is wood wrapped in black leather. The sword also includes a wood scabbard wrapped in black leather with steel accents at the throat and tip.

Templar Knight Sword

This Templar Knight Sword from Legacy Arms has a high carbon steel blade with a steel cross guard and pommel. The pommel features the red Templar Cross. Includes scabbard.