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Monk's Robe and Hood


This monk's robe is made of 100% heavy cotton and exhibits a generous cut. Includes tail hood and waist cord. One size fits most.


The monk’s robe may be the most versatile and modest garment one could own, but don't let its simple looks fool you. The person wearing it has most likely earned it through religious, magical or other secretive means. It was a mark of humble accomplishment and immense power.

Rough textured fabric is 100% heavy cotton weave and generously cut for the most devoted. Includes long tail hood and waist cord. One size fits most up to 6' tall. Don’t miss out on owning this coveted garment.

Choice of brown, black or maroon. Dry clean recommended. The maroon shade may vary due to the nature of hand dyeing.


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Write a Review
- Robert, December 06, 2008
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Well made out from a nice heavy fabric.
- Anders, December 15, 2008 | Verified Purchase
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Where quality for price is concerned, this is a good deal - and was especially good during your recent sale.  
- Calvin, January 13, 2009 | Verified Purchase
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Excellent item.  It runs quite large and will need to be shortened, but a very good value.
- Annette, April 07, 2009 | Verified Purchase
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I purchased one a year ago. I found it to be an excellent product and a lot of fun. They do need to offer a separate sash cord or belt of higher quality.
- Wayne, August 31, 2009
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I just received the Monk's Robe in the mail today. I ordered brown, because of
my interest in Saint Francis. This is
a very comfortable piece to wear, even
though the fabric is heavy, and rough.
I indeed will replace the belt for a
Franciscan style one later on. A very
nice, well made habit. Try tying the
belt in three knots on each side, like
the Franciscan order Friars do, until you can get a better sash. The belt is
the only thing that is not Franciscan.
Not a big problem, for the rest of the
look or apprearance is great! If you
want a nice habit, or something nice &
warm but different, then this is the
right item for you. Thanks you very much M.R. II/VIII/MMX Anno Domini
- Timothy, February 12, 2010 | Verified Purchase
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I bought two of these robes in black for ritual use, and I am absolutely pleased with them. They are hand woven, a detail that I think should be included in the description. They are warm, sturdy and perfect for those of us who hold rituals out of doors. A nice coat of Scotch-guard and you have a wonderful robe for any conditions. I highly recommend these beautiful hand woven robes. Blessed be.
- Collins, April 30, 2010
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We have used these Robes since 2002 in our religious order The Order of Saint Thomas, and they stand up to all the abuse our Friars and misiionaries put them through. They pass our feild test even Chicago to DR Congo. We dont want to use anything else.

- Abp. DDL, October 02, 2010 | Verified Purchase
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Before I received my Robe I truly did not know what to expect, however upon receiving it I was down right impressed at the craftsmanship that went in to making it.  The Robe are by far the best quality Robes on the market.  (And believe me I’ve been looking for good one for a long time.)  To sum it up, if you are looking for authentic and beautiful Robe of great quality.  Look no further just go and add to cart and check out.  Great Job M.R.’s.
- Joshua, November 09, 2010
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Great buy! The brown looks just like the picture!
- Joseph, February 25, 2011 | Verified Purchase
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Wow, the ONE thing that MR makes that fits me (and more)!!! I got the 2XL with some trepidation because I usually wear 3-4XL shirts - NOT TO WORRY! I'm 6'1", 300+ lbs and this thing is voluminous. Even with my massive shoulders, massive chest, and massive gut, this thing went right down to the ground. It is the perfect length cuz when I step, it "just" rides up over my foot so I don't walk on the hem. The material has a rough almost burlap texture but the inside is smooth and comfortable. The sleeves are long and cover the hands so it looks very...monkly and kinda mysterious. The only problem that wasn't a problem were the arm holes...they looked too small but when I put the robes on (over a heavy shirt) the robe fit fine with plenty of room for movement. The hood is very cool, it fits my giant grape perfectly and the back part is long and deep. I only had two problems with this robe, the first is the cheesy's made out of a heavy duty twill material and is very long but isn't really religious or anything; I think it was kind of an afterthought. The other problem was the hook at the throat. It's a modern metal wire hook and loop clasp assembly; very cheesy and soon to be replaced...I just have to figure out if I want to use a lacing system or some kinda toggle thing. But, overall, I'm phenomenally happy with this thing!!! IT FITS!!! w00t!!!
- Kurt, May 03, 2011 | Verified Purchase
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As promised just had to hem it a little thanx and fast shipping would recoment to freinds and buy from again.
- Rev Walter, July 24, 2011 | Verified Purchase
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This is a great robe, I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to use it in dry conditions. Also it keeps you quite warm in cold climates. For me the only thing I find annoying is the hood, which doesn't keep wide across my face, it touches my eyes, but that may be just to do with the shape of my head.
- Joshua, September 18, 2011 | Verified Purchase
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I bought mine in black to as part of a Halloween costume and found that it is awesome for a number of occasions beyond what I bought it for. They say one size fits all, well this may be true. I found my fit much better after I had it tailored to my height and size.  
- Justice, January 18, 2012
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Perfect!!!!  Works well in 80 deg heat.  Just dont wear to much under it when it is that hot.
- James, May 15, 2012 | Verified Purchase
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