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Solid Tunic with Embroidered Crest


This cotton tunic comes with a custom embroidered chest. Available in Blue, Black, Burgundy, or Natural. Choose from Rampant Lion, Rampant Griffin or Falcon.


Our expert in-house embroidery department will individually complete this tunic! Choose from these heraldic patterns: Rampant LionRampant Griffin or Falcon.

What knight would not want one of these heavy-duty tunics to wear proudly into battle? All of these tunics are made of a strong, durable cotton twill fabric. These surcoats have a slit at the front and back, as well as both sides, making it fantastic for fighting or riding.

Order S/M or L/XL, available in Black, Burgundy, Blue or Natural. Please allow 1-2 days longer on custom orders while we complete this work.

This tunic is also available Plain Solid Quartered Cotton Tunic.

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This product is exactly as described.  It was of good quality and the embroidered crest is excellent.
From: William, June 02, 2017

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