Cavalier Shirt


This Renaissance shirt is black cotton velvet with a lace-up neck. Slashed sleeves reveal either rich satin gold or silver inner sleeves.


This Cavalier Shirt is made in a rich black cotton velvet with lace-up neck. The slashed sleeves reveal either a silver or gold satin inner sleeve.

Order Black/Gold or Black/Silver. S/M or L/XL. 

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Write a Review
Awesome shirt
Great quality and great fit. I would highly recommend this shirt.
- JEFFREY, January 21, 2021
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Love it however...
I absolutely love this shirt. The shirt was a major upgrade to my cavalier outfit for Ren Fair. I would have given a 5 star rating except for the fact that the sleeves are only attached at the wrist and shoulder. This dose give it a very nice slashed look, however I was constantly catching them on my Rapier. With a little needle and thread I was ably to pin the center of the sleeve an it holds it just enough to avoid catching everything.

Overall a wonderful shirt and great item.
- Charles, September 22, 2019
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I bought this shirt as the first step of completely upgrading my Ren Faire costume. I love the looks and feel of it, and it seems like it will be durable. It will be a lot more stylish and upper class than my home-sewn peasant shirt!

To clarify the product photos, the gold/silver parts are not "slashes" in the sleeves. Rather the base sleeve is that metallic color, and there are black strips that are attached by the shoulder and the wrist.
- David, December 22, 2018
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This is an exquisite shirt.  Regal, royal, and befitting any special occasion.  The slotted sleeves are ingeniously crafted.  The velvety cotton is something I have never experienced, but here it is elegant.  Be bold!  This garment makes a commanding statement.  You will definitely NOT be disappointed!
- Philip, January 19, 2017 | Verified Purchase
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Product came in on time and looks really nice. It is well made. The only thing we are changing out are the tie up laces; they are a shoe-string style and we are switching it out for leather. Other than that, it's really amazing!
- Brittney, June 03, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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Runs large and long. Will keep you warm! Not the most flattering style, but elegant and understated.
- Hillary, August 07, 2013 | Verified Purchase
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