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Adventure Scent Packs




Based on common adventure locations from games, books, movies and TV shows, these scent packs make wonderful accents to costumes and cosplay. Chose from 19 different fantasy scents and be carried away to another era. Use the caged locket (#201508 sold separately) to hold the scented beads for a real personal touch. A perfect gift for those that really get into character! Each pack contains about a quarter-ounce of scentFX orbs, enough scent for an entire weekend of festivities. These scent packs generally retain their fragrance for at least 6 months if kept sealed when not in use.

Note: These scent packs are not designed to throw their scents across a distance. If you want to use them at a gaming table, you should plan to pass them around to each player. To spread a scent across a small room or other area, please use scentFX jars or tabletop scent throws.

Scent                      Key Aroma Notes
Alchemist Lab          witch's herbs
Campfire                 woodsmoke, mesquite
Dragon's Cave         stone, water, incense
Dusty Library          dust, old paper
Enchanted Forest   dried leaves, greenery
Field of Battle         leather, steel, blood, sweat
Fishing Docks         lake water, rotting fish
Flying Airship          powder, fresh air
Gypsy Wagon         cinnamon, incense, spices
Healing Sanctuary   menthol, ointment
Horse Stables         hay, leather, manure
Ice Castle               frost, mint, metal
Moldy Crypt            mold, dirt, decay
Mummy's Tomb       sawdust, Egyptian resins, mold
Pirate Ship              wood, gunsmoke, sea salt
Rowdy Tavern         beer, oak
Steam Train            steel, coal, smoke
Vampire's Lair         blood, dirt, red wine
Welcoming Inn        beef stew


Smells great!
From: Michael, December 09, 2016

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