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Halloween is right around the corner! So what are you going to be this year? A ruthless pirate captain, a fierce Viking warrior or planning to make your fantasy a reality? Or are you having a tough time deciding? To help you out, we have compiled the best historical costumes, jewelry, shoes, and accessories from Museum Replicas, hoping (Nah, believing) that one of them will inspire the party monster in you. Spanning the Dark Ages to times of Pirates ruling the seven seas and even the Victorian era, we cover it all. Browse through the selection and find everything you need to be the talk of the next party and get the kind of attention you deserve!

What’s more? You get 15% off on all our in-stock costumes and accessories.

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Swordsman's Shirt

This cotton shirt features an authentic pattern from the Elizabethan era and a fitted, narrow cuff. Available in black, white or purple.

Buccaneer Coat

This coat is crafted of heavy wool and perfect for pirate wear. Available in grey or navy blue with period cut, bell cuffs and antiqued buttons.

Padded Shirt

This shirt is a lace-up cotton gambeson with a Nordic Celtic string design. Dry clean only.

French Highwayman Coat

This coat is made of 100% cotton and is inspired by the French Highwayman. Split at the back for ease of movement. Features wide cuff with buttons and braids on sleeves.

Leather Gauntlets

These 15’’ long-cuff leather gauntlets has fingers, palm, and hand made of soft, pliable leather. Great to use for Sword fighting.

Fair Maiden's Overdress

A colourfully versatile, 16th century-styled overdress, its front is designed with with a coordinating trim, and a boning to reinforce the bodice.

Medieval Double Wrap Belt

This double wrap belt is crafted of top grade leather. Includes frog hanger to fit most scabbards. Measures 1-3/4 inches wide.

Leather Sword Hanger Frog

This black sword hanger is made from the finest quality leather. Features nickel plated steel.