Confederate Infantry Officers Kepi 2nd Pattern



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This 2nd pattern kepi differs as the entire cap is the color representing individual branch, in this case blue for Infantry The gold braid, also known as the “Austrian braid” indicates officer’s and the number of braids rank. Other than garrison and high ranking events, these fancy pieces were seldom encountered on the actual battlefield after late 1862. Needless to say, it did not take the wearers long to realize that a bright colored cap made quite a nice target! The leather chin strap was originally intended to be used, but as time went by, this gave way to a simple, non-adjustable leather strap. This cap is blue for the Infantry branch of service.  Also available in Yellow (for cavalry) and Red (for artillery). Choose S, M, L or XL and select braid for rank.

1 braid - Lieutenant (pictured)
2 braids - Captain
3 braids - Major or Colonel
4 braids - Lower ranking General


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