Castleford Gown


This is a lightweight, poly-cotton dress has lace-up sleeves, back, and sides to give a perfect, shapely fit, and the impression of wearing a chemise with an overdress. Available in Green Small only!


This is an excellent and stunning alternative to wearing a heavy period gown. Made of lightweight poly-cotton, this shapely dress gives the illusion of wearing both an under chemise and over dress. The lace-up sides, back, and sleeves allows for a perfect fit.
Available in Green Small only!


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Write a Review
My wife's favorite
Grab this NOW. This is one of the best dresses MR has. Not ultra light weight, could still be pretty warm  in the summer time, but this is an absolute beauty of a dress. The fabric is top notch and it just fits great, being that it can be adjusted on the sides and the sleeves. Get it if you have been thinking about it, it will not disappoint My wife say it is one of the most comfortable dresses she has.
- Louis, April 08, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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My husband bought me this gown and I am glad he did. It is a good fit and light weight. Can't wait to wear it at the Renn Fest
- Donald, May 22, 2017 | Verified Purchase
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