Windsong – The Sword of Kings


This two-handed sword has a long high carbon steel blade with a wide fuller traveling almost its full length. Features a regal lion’s face decorating the stone-shaped guard with an antique finish. The grip is wrapped with soft, blood-red leather. Comes with a matching scabbard. Overall 46-5/8”. Arrives sharpened from the factory.


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In many fantasy novels, there has been a mystical, magical sword carried by the worthy hero. Keeping with this mighty tradition comes Museum Replicas’ Windsong – the Sword of Kings.

This powerful blade, made by Windlass Steelcrafts, is a high carbon steel beauty! The long blade has a wide fuller traveling almost its full length and arrives sharpened from the factory. This two-handed sword has a regal lion’s face decorating the stone-shaped guard, which has been given an antique finish along with the imposing matching pommel. The grip has been expertly wrapped with soft, blood-red leather for a good strong grip.

This stunning sword comes with a matching, blood-red leather covered wooden scabbard with an antique steel lion head on its throat.


Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length46-5/8”
Blade Length34”
Blade Width2-1/4”
Handle Length5-1/2”
Weight4 lb. 5 oz


Write a Review
Write a Review
This is a fantastic blade
Windsong is an amazing blade.

It arrived in perfect condition.

It is a quality two handed great sword with a big length advantage over other swords.

Although not as long as a claymore, it is certainly capable of holding its own in a long sword duel and an intimidating tool in the hands of an opponent.

Very happy with my purchase.
- Jeffery, July 24, 2021
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