Primitive Scottish Dirk


Evolving from the kidney dagger, this version of the Scottish dirk has an ornate steel pommel and hardwood grip. The 1075 high carbon steel blade arrives sharpened. Includes scabbard.
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Circa 1500

This early type of dirk evolved from the kidney dagger and was the first step toward the ornate Scottish Dirk we know today. The grip is solid hardwood and the parts are steel. The long high carbon steel blade is flexible and well-tempered. This is a must-have item for the Highlander. Includes Scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts and comes factory sharp.

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Overall Length19-3/4"
Blade Length14"
Blade Width15/16"
Blade Thickness3/16"
Weight1 lb
Material1075 High Carbon Steel
EdgeFactory Sharpened


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Write a Review
A wonderful blade!
This is once again a beautiful piece of work that I would recommend to anyone who wants a display or working large knife!
- Ray, August 08, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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More than a rib tickler!
Really nice, well made.  It would be very effective. Adding it to the collection on a couple levels: The Scottish side, I may be a long lost descendant of Clan Gunn associates, but blade wise, the triangle cross section is really cool. Very strong could punch its way into the vitals of any invading Englishmen!! Just kidding...
- Thomas, June 15, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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Primitive Scottish Dirk- Very nice !
Fit and finish of the Dirk are high quality. The well polished shows no metal imperfections to finish. Blood groove is well defined in depth of blade. Sharping service produced a nice even very sharp edge which requires your undivided attention while handling. Scabbard fit is tight so removal requires a firm pull. There is no slip when dirk I’m in place. The leather is thick, well formed, and firm to retain shape. I sprayed leather dressing inside to prevent the oiled blade from picking up very tiny pieces of leather from the internal unfinished leather of the sheath. The metal tip and collar are well attached with a nice brush polished finish. I am very pleased with this purchase and now will order the more expensive Scottish basket claymore based on the quality of workmanship
- Bill, January 14, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Vary nice i got the sharpening service vary sharp good quality the handle is a bit round but not to round if you are to slice or hack its hard to tell were the edge is but other then that its a quality item and its got that star on the handle well done  
- Elijah, June 23, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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I knew I was going to like this dagger as soon as I picked it up. It is light and very nimble, and it is very well made. This dagger is almost like a short sword. This would be a great weapon for self defense if you can deal with the length.
- Gregory, May 22, 2015
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- Randall, May 05, 2013 | Verified Purchase
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