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Medieval Décor & Flags

Find historical Medieval flags, as well as statues, trinket boxes, and wall hangings from the historic age of chivalry, castles, and dragons. Perfect for home and office, you'll find gifts for knights of all ages.

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Dragon Crystal Gazing Ball

What critical premonition is hidden inside this crystal ball? It must be serious, or else a trio of dragons wouldn't guard it! The Dragon Gazing Ball glass orb rests in a cold cast resin base that has been bronzed, then given an antiqued finish. Dragons are finely detailed, and the pedestal is adorned with Celtic interlace.

Triple Goddess Crystal Gazing Ball

Maiden, mother, and crone are portrayed in fine detail on the pedestal of this Triple Goddess gazing ball set. These three spirits are depicted as an integral part of an ivy-covered tree, symbolizing life. This Crystal Gazing Ball has a finely detailed base constructed of cold cast resin and hand-painted.

Cauldron and Broomsticks Crystal Gazing Ball

Whether you're looking for your future mate or wondering about your financial success, here's a spooky decor item for your arcane collection. The heavy crystal ball rests atop a trio of broomsticks set around a cauldron and is sure to be comforting to your black cat if you have one! This Witchcraft Gazing Ball has a finely detailed base constructed of cold cast resin and hand-painted.

Excalibur Letter Opener Statue

This beautiful resin statue of an arm rising from the deep waters holds a metal letter opener - the sword Excalibur. Perfect for fans of Camelot and medieval fantasy, this Lady of the Lake Sword Letter Opener makes a regal desktop accessory.

King Arthur and the Sword In The Stone Letter Opener Statue

Immortalized in cold cast bronze resin, this King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone Letter Opener captures the moment young Arthur pulls the sword free. Arthur wears plate and mail armour and a cloak with knotwork trim flows back from his shoulders.

Metal Knightly Sallet Helmet Paperweight

This beautiful miniature pewter Knightly Sallet helmet makes a wonderful paperweight or decor for the home. Felt covered bottom for anti-scratching.
$24.95 $14.95

Forged Iron Candle Sconces (Set of 2)

A blacksmith skillfully formed these candle holders with traditional S-shape arms. Perfect for candles up to 2-3/4" in diameter, they have a sharp spike in the center of the plate to help keep the candle firmly in place.

Knight and Dragon Salt and Pepper Shakers

These dueling spice shakers are hand-painted ceramic. The whimsical knight on horseback and dragon each have magnetized fronts so they can stay head to head in duel. Pull them apart and see who gets to season your meal first!

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Knight and Dragon Salt and Pepper Shakers

My daughter has a dragon thing going, so she got quite a chuckle out of this little set.
Reviewed by: David, February 19, 2021

Review of: Ninny Knights Set of 4

Very cute action figures.
Reviewed by: Tyrone, January 08, 2021

Review of: Battle of the Crusaders Hinged Trinket Chest

Great item to have on my office desk.
Reviewed by: Phillip, June 13, 2020

Review of: Dragon Chest Trinket Box

I got this as a gift for my wife and she loves it. Fantastic quality and very nice detail on the whole piece!
Reviewed by: Lane, September 13, 2019