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Leather Dagger Frog


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Hand crafted of durable, full grain leather, this is a jaunty but secure carrier for your dagger or dirk. Designed to fit most any belt it is replete with nickel plated metal studs.


The frog is well made and works well with The Musketeer Gauche.
From: , Guest, June 05, 2017
Very nice and I think the workmanship is good. It does run on the large size, and will not hold a narrow dagger. It does go well with my soldier's dagger!!
From: Donald, November 24, 2016
Looks good and works well. Mine was a little defective. I had to replace a rivit after only three performances. I'm using it to hold Hamlet's dagger in The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare  (Abridged). We will see if it holds up through the rest of the run.
From: Allen, July 22, 2015
This is a good product.  It is well made and well styled.  There is, however, one problem with. It is not adjustable to fit various size daggers.  The dagger I bought it for is too slinder for the frog to hold as are several other daggers that I and a friend have.  If your dagger is not at least 1 1/4 inches wide this is not the product for you.
From: , Guest, July 16, 2015
Maybe posting the measurements on this would help, along with how the dirk can be attached as that's not clear from the photo.
From: Kathryn, May 11, 2013
Much bigger than it looks. Thankfully I have a sword that fits it because my dagger is swimming in this thing.
From: Jason, October 30, 2009

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