Iron Feasting Utensil Set


These classic utensils are hand-forged with the traditional blacksmith's twist. Knife is capable of holding an edge. Each utensil with an overall length of approximately 8” and weight of 8 oz.
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Olde English Bokes Of Curtesye (Books of Courtesy) admonished readers not to spit across the table, butter bread with their thumbs, or wipe their teeth and knives on the tablecloth! Still, uncouthness often reigned, even at a noble's table. Utensils like these were used from the Viking and early Iron Age to the Medieval period and had to compete with the convenience of fingers. The handle for each hand-forged piece is given the traditional blacksmith's twist and the knife is capable of holding an edge. To minimize rusting, keep oiled following these instructions.
  • Overall: Approx. 8" long each
  • Wt: 8 oz.


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Write a Review
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Practical, sturdy set of eating utensils, authentic for Viking, Medieval, through modern rustic feasting. Very cool! I may use them this Thanksgiving! ERSJR
- Edmund R., November 06, 2020 | Verified Purchase
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- Kathryn, October 18, 2010 | Verified Purchase
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Set is beautiful. Treat it as you would a cast iron pan, and it looks like these utensils will last a very long time.
- Bradley, August 03, 2010
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