Rattan Recurve Bow


This bow features a recurve design that allows for a shorter bow with less finger pinch. Handmade from tough and springy rattan. Measures approximately 50" overall.
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From time-to-time, we find some truly wonderful period bows made here in the USA. Each bow is hand-made and may exhibit slight variance in look. This Recurve Bow is light and accurate. The recurve design allows for a shorter bow with less finger pinch and will shoot faster and more powerfully than a longbow because of the number-three shape. Hand made from tough and springy rattan with a hand-stitched leather grip. Includes string plus shooting and care instructions.  
  • Draw: 28"
  • Pull Weight: 35 lbs
  • Overall: Approximately 50"


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Write a Review
Won't outshoot the other archers, but it's fun
I used this bow in a class with a bunch of modern recurve bows, and while this is definitely a functional bow, you're not gonna outshoot most other archers using it. First and foremost as a very primitive design it needs arrows with a more flexible spine than most others at the same draw weight, probably 600-700 for carbon arrows. Also needs to be unstrung when not in use for long periods of time, unlike a lot of modern bows. I'd definitely recommend wearing a glove or finger tab on the draw hand, as the string will put a lot of strain on your fingers. The best part about this bow is that I was able to try both Mediterranean and eastern style draws. For the price, you could probably find better somewhere else, but Museum Replicas is a trustworthy seller, so overall it's a good purchase.
- Matthew, December 24, 2022 | Verified Purchase
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A Beautiful Display Bow.
First, I will say I have not fired this bow. I have strung it, and I have drawn back on it, but I have not fired an arrow from it. When I drew back, I noticed some wood fibers pulling away from the shaft a little. It's rustic, and looks like it too. I was too afraid to try firing it, so I hung it on my wall (De-Strung) and it still looks amazing. I would use this for part of a costume rather than any sort of shooting. Well done with this one!
- Lance, July 05, 2022 | Verified Purchase
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Great bow for the price
At first I was skeptical of the price, but this bow does everything I need from it. You might need to sand down some rough surfaces, but overall, a great bow and fun to shoot.
- Nathan, June 07, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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