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High Boots without Fringe


These men's boots are cut from the best glove-tanned leathers and have an all-suede finish. Perfect for faires, frontier outfits.


The most difficult part of completing a costume is the footwear. Good for just about all periods, these well-made boots are cut from the best glove-tanned leathers and have an all-suede finish.

Perfect for faires, frontier outfits, or just plain comfort. They have a comfortable rubber sole, while inside is a 1/8" thick, cushioned insole so you can wear them all day long.

Men’s sizes 7-13.

Available in Brown or Black, as well as with leather fringe.


For the price we paid this was well worth it.  Love them
From: angela, February 29, 2016
This product was returned due to the narrowness at the ankle.  although we ordered a size larger than what was necessary, were unable to have the foot bend to reach the inside of the shoe part.
From: Joan, January 18, 2016
I test out thes boots and they fell great the only problem is the string is too big for the holes but these are my first pair and I enjoy them
From: Alvin, February 13, 2015
Wore these this weekend to The Texas Renaissance Festival.  First the lace on the left boot broke while tying. Second, same boot seemed to be throwing me to the inside.  Later in the day I discovered the heel and possibly other parts of the sole were malformed.  Third, by the end of the day the leather on top and side of the foot had ripped and now had holes.  The leather is very light weight and the  shaft did  not  stay upright even though tied tightly.  The boots look like Minnetonka boots but are NOT. DO NOT BUY.
From: Gerald, November 11, 2012
I got my black hig boots without fringr this afternoon. First off, I really liked the fact that the "tongue" is sewn to the edges of the boot opening, so that it isn't able to move after extended wear. Second, the overall construction of the boots appears to be very sturdy, allowing for rugged SCA/LARP/Ren faire activities. But best of all, they are SO comfortable! I feel confident that I could wear these all day with no worries at all. Thanks for a great pair of boots!
From: Matthew, October 12, 2012
Awful. As mentioned before, the sole is just foam, and will tear after your first wearing. Also, the leather is very thin around the heel, and mine split within two  hours of the first wearing. the lacing is also crap, and the holes for lacing are shoddily punched
From: Jeremy, April 27, 2012
I got these recently in black and like someone else had said, first time lacing up the laces snapped. So I got some red ribbon to use as laces instead(which works with my garb colors anyhow so no big loss). I had a pair of tall leather mocs years ago for my Ren Faire garb and back then had no option of without fringe so I had to cut it off myself, lol! The newer mocs without the fringe are much better. And the bottoms are made of flip flop like material so you get about as much padding as flip flops, however, if it's not thick enough, you can probably put some insoles in to extra pad it. Better than the old style with just the double leather bottom for sure! I normally wear a size 9 to 9 1/2 in womens shoes, so I got a size 8 in the mens and they fit great. Not too big, not small, quite comfy.
From: Rachel, April 16, 2012
These boots are fine for what they are...just don't expect them to be anything else!  They are the Tandy Leather moccasins you made while in Cub Scouts.  The sole is a 3/8" soft foam sole with no insole.  As such, the boots are lightweight enough to be comfortable, but your feet/knees WILL hurt after a full day's walking!  As mentioned by others and in my other posts (See Assassins Creed II/Ezio costume), go ahead and replace all leather thongs in this and other products.  They are worthless and will break multiple times.  (You can look at them and predict where.)  Replace them before they break somewhere where you won't be able to.
From: MICHAEL, September 05, 2011
I ordered these in the balck and my main issue with them was that the soles had no traction what so ever on most surfaces.  I had great difficulty in walking anywhere without them slipping  unexpectedly and the soles were also not very durable as stepping on eneven ground caused a long tear across the wirdh of the enitre left sole.
From: ALEX, July 01, 2011
Got these a while ago and are still great.  the lace snapped but not to short so it is still tie-able.  I should Probably replace it.
From: kevin, February 05, 2011
Boots are incredibly comfortable and surprisingly breathable. My feet don't overheat like in some boots. My only issue was with the laces; they broke as I tried to lace them up the first time. I have replaced them, and the boots are great now!
From: Bradley, June 30, 2010
The boots are wonderful, the strings are worthless. Both strings snapped the first time I tried tightening them, and I had to buy new leather laces from a shoe store.
From: Dustin, September 23, 2009
These boots are VERY comfortable, my only qualm with them is the lack of tread on the bottom and the fact that one of the strings broke when I first tightened the boots. but these are things that are not a big issue
From: Jacob, March 05, 2009
very comfortable, the black ones go great with any barbarian outfit.
From: Daniel, December 18, 2008

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